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Has your armpit odour resulted in your social boycott? Do you feel embarrassed travelling in public transport due to bad underarm smell? And for this you have tried all sorts of deodorants available in the market. But, the problem still persists. Worry not! we bring to you some natural solutions to do away with underarm smell.

But, before we do that, we need to know the root cause of this foul smell.    

It is the production of bad bacteria in your body that leave behind waste products. It is this waste which gives rise to offensive body odour.

These bacteria are produced due to moisture on the body, the type of food we consume and body heat. So, if we work on these problem areas, we can easily fight socially-boycotting armpit smell.

  1. Use aluminium-free deodorants

Various fragrant deodorants available in the market are quite popular as they do away with body odour. It is so because they contain crystals formulated from ammonium alum. However, the bad odour goes away for a short period of time only. Besides, such deodorants stop the perspiration process of sweat glands. The aluminium in them starts collecting in the nervous system, leading to several nerve disorders like Alzheimer's. 
 This is why, it is necessary to use deodorants sans the aluminium.

Make sure that you allow your armpits to sweat because the sweat released washes away the toxins from the body.  Clogging the pores can harm you from inside for sure.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar acts as a great antiseptic and therefore, acts well on odour-causing bacteria. Spirits with apple cider or white vinegar are a great option for warding off bad odour. All you need to do is apply a few drops on your armpit and wipe off until dry. A regular application can help prevent foul underarm smell.

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  1. Natural sterilizer

Natural sterilisers work great as odour suppressants. As per a Columbia University's Health Services’ report, wiping armpits and other smelly areas with either witch hazel or tea tree oil can reduce bad smell. Tea tree oil is acts as an antiseptic while witch hazel works on the pH balance of the skin to keep odour-causing bacteria at bay.

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  1. Green Supplements

Besides application, modifying the diet pattern also works in suppressing bad armpit odour. Supplements such as wheat grass or chlorophyll, when added to regular diet, act as natural deodorizers for the body. So, use these natural products and keep smelling nice.

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  1. Change your diet

Until now, we talked about adding greens to the daily diet. However, bringing a complete change can even work better. Foods high on spices, when consumed, emit bad odour from skin pores. Some of these include onions, garlic and caffeinated drinks. Avoiding them completely can help you improve your body smell.

     6. Indigestion and unhealthy gut
Most of the lifestyle related ailments boil down to just one problem, and that is unhealthy gut and indigestion. If you have started smelling bad of late, your digestive system may be one of the causes. Taking probiotic supplements can really help. They not only improve your gut but also boost your intestinal flora quality. They reduce the inflammation in your body, thus reducing the less bad odour. Another solution is to consume apple cider vinegar, which aides digestion.

      7. Wear cotton fabrics

Once you have altered your dietary habits, it’s time to work on your clothes. What you wear defines how your body reacts to it. Natural fibers like cotton allow your body to breathe comfortably. More the air flowing through these fabrics, less the amount of sweat produced. So, don such textures to drive away moisture, which produces odour-causing germs.

      8. Opt for detox sessions

Availing regular detox treatments is another way to ward off underarm odour. Such treatments ensure that the body purifies itself from inside, doing away with all impurities. Apart from taking detox diet of fruits and green veggies, one can go for infrared sauna sessions. These are popular for removing toxic impurities from the skin.


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