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Osteoporosis is basically a condition in which there is deterioration of bone tissue and mass which causes the bones to weaken. Osteoporosis leads to fragile and weak bones resulting in fractures of wrist, hip and spine bones. It is believed that bone formation is at its peak in thirties after which resorption of bones takes place. In some people, the rate of resorption is more than that of bone formation leading to weak and fragile bones. It is therefore essential to take care of the bones to ensure that they stay healthy and are not prone to easy damage. As opposed to what many people think, damage to bones starts at an early age and therefore it is better to take preventive measures from an early age.

There are several medications that can be taken to strengthen the bones and increase the bone density in the body for healthier bones. These medications help to prevent osteoporosis as well but these are not without their side effects. Many people do not know that the deteriorative condition of osteoporosis can also be prevented through natural ways.

Natural ways of preventing osteoporosis

  1. Take milk and milk products: Low fat milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt, skimmed milk powder and paneer must be essentially included in the daily diet. Milk and milk products are rich sources of calcium that makes the bones healthy and strong.
  2. Eat a handful of nuts: A handful of nuts like almond everyday help the body get the required minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese which are essential for healthy and strong bones. These minerals also regulate bone formation in the body.
  3. Include green and leafy vegetables in the diet: Green vegetables like cabbage, okra, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, beetroot etc. are rich sources of calcium that render strong bones and prevent them from weakening.
  4. Include cereals in the diet: Ragi is one of the most sought after cereals that can be included in the diet for strong bones. Ragi is one of the richest sources of calcium that can help to strengthen the bones and also increase the bone density. One can also include other cereals in the diet to get the required nutrients for healthy bones.
  5. Eat dates: Dates are a rich source of calcium as well as manganese. Both these minerals promote healthy bones and also improve the bone mineral density. Eating dates also prevents the bones from deteriorating and strengthens the muscles as well.
  6. Get enough sunlight: Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones. Vitamin D along with calcium is important for strengthening the bones and prevents them from weakening. Calcium and vitamin D are also essential for increased bone density.
  7. Fruits: Eating fruits like apples, bananas, guavas, strawberries, pineapples etc. provides the body with the required amount of Vitamin C which helps in making the bones stronger and healthier. Stronger bones means there is no deterioration and thus fruits help to prevent osteoporosis.
  8. Include pulses in the diet: Pulses including lentils, black gram dal, soybean etc. are rich sources of calcium and provide the body with the required quantity of calcium to keep the bones healthy and strong.
  9. Include eggs in the diet: Eggs in addition to providing proteins also supply the essential minerals to the body. These are also a rich source of naturally occurring Vitamin D and so must be included in the meals to ensure healthier and stronger bones.
  10. Indulge in physical activity: Exercising for 20-30 minutes everyday prevents the bones from getting weak. Walking, stair climbing, skipping, running and low impact aerobics are all helpful in maintaining bone health and bone density.
  11. Get omega-3 fatty acids: It is essential to include foods rich like fish, pumpkin seeds etc. which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential to prevent the bones from degenerating. These fatty acids also prevent from bone diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.
  12. Include fish in the diet: Fish like tuna, salmon and sardines have high amounts of calcium and minerals which strengthen the bones. When consumed with their bones, these fish increase the calcium level three folds in the body thus ensuring healthy and strong bones and high bone density.


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