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One of the scariest moments we face is when we find that first strand of grey in a luscious mane of hair. It usually happens as you grow older, but sometimes people are even faced with the problem of early greying. Even undertaking too much stress can cause your hair to start changing colour and visible grey streaks can appear. Hair starts to usually change colour when the production of the pigment that lends it its natural colour stops. While it is inevitable eventually, there are some ways you can delay this process. Take a look at some of the simple home remedies to prevent or delay hair greying.

  1. Amla

Indian gooseberry, or amla is an excellent ingredient to boost pigmentation in hair and restore the natural colour. It has been used since generations in its raw form or by extracting its oil to nourish hair and strengthen it. It is beneficial for a variety of hair problems such as breaking, hair fall, dandruff and even greying.

One of the best ways to use amla to treat greying is by applying nourishing oil which is enriched with the essentials of amla. Give yourself a head massage using this oil once or twice a week. Warm the oil and apply it all over the scalp. Rub it in briskly as the massaging movement encourages blood flow to the scalp which can also prevent greying and boost hair health. You can find more information about amla oil here.


  1. Ghee

Ghee, or clarified butter is an excellent treatment for prevention of grey hair. Not only does it make the food taste better, it can also improve the quality of your hair. Ghee has enriching properties that condition the scalp and nourish the hair root. The essential fats and oil in the ghee act on the hair root and stimulates the follicle to enhance the production of pigmentation which helps to retain the natural hair colour.

Massage your hair and scalp with ghee for a few minutes at least twice a week. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off. If you want to better the effects of ghee, wrap a warm towel on your hair for a few minutes after the massage and before washing it off to ensure it is thoroughly soaked into the scalp. You can read more about the benefits of ghee here.

  1. Black Tea

Tea contains tannins which act as a stimulant for the skin, hair and internal blood circulation. To use black tea for your hair, steep one or two tea bags in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes until you have a strong black tea concoction. Then add a spoonful of salt to this and cool it down slightly. Once it is lukewarm or of room temperature pour the water all over your scalp and massage it in. Leave it on for a few minutes and continue to massage to stimulate the scalp. Leave it on for about an hour and then rinse it off. Follow this weekly and you will start to notice a difference quite soon. Click here to know more about black tea.  

  1. Henna Leaves And Mustard Oil

Henna is often used in a crushed and paste form to colour the hair in a natural way. It was one of the first hair colour inventions that existed and has been used for centuries. But henna leaves also have properties to enrich the hair follicle and enhance the development of pigmentation.

Mustard is also an excellent source of nourishment that can treat greying of hair. To use these ingredients to delay signs of early greying, take mustard oil in a pot and bring it to a boil. Then add a few fresh leaves of henna to it and let it simmer in the boiling oil. The leaves will release all their nourishing juices and then you can take it off the heat. Let the mixture cool down and remove and store it in a bottle.

Apply this mix to your hair weekly and leave it on overnight to treat the problem of grey hair. You can read more about mustard oil here.


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