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You do not necessarily have to eat meat to gain muscle mass. Recall that thin watery portion of milk that separates from curds as you make cheese? Can something this simple really be used to enhance athletic performance on all levels of physical intensity? Yes!

Whey is actually an outstanding food supplement for those with lactose intolerance who cannot drink milk and hope for it to sit well with their body. There are in fact several different ways whey protein can be applied. By enhancing the nutrient content in your daily meals, whey protein provides superb health benefits especially to the immune system.

  1. To reverse weight loss and increase glutathione (GSH) in HIV patients
  2. To counter asthma, cholesterol, and allergies
  3. To counter weightloss and general obesity
  4. To counter colon and late-stage cancers

It comes as no big surprise that something this powerful is organic. Scientists have found a way to incorporate this supreme substance in bodybuilding products that have proven to work time and again.

Of course, it is not a guarantee; after all, what is in life. Whey supplements have shown to work more often than not, and they are a safe sideeffect-free alternative to harmful steroids. This is why we chose two top products in the whey world and offer them up to you.

1. GRF Whey Protein Gold Supplement

With only 3% fat and 13% carbohydrates (6% for other natural side-substances) and a whopping 78% comprising protein, this is a whey product to reckon with.

  1. You do not have to worry about a horrible taste each time you consume this mass builder. It comes in a range of flavours, 21 in total: banana cream, rocky road, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, tropical punch, and a bunch more.
  2. Mixing it as per instructions can render some of them rather sweet. A little extra milk or water will balance that out.
  3. You will experience no grittiness or bizarre aftertaste.
  4. Whether you use a blender, shaker, or spoon mixability rates are very high with this protein supplement.
  5. Comprising a blend of 4 different proteins, you have good amounts of concentrates, isolates, and peptides to enhance the functions of absorption and digestion.
  6. It contains 11g of essential amino acids per serve. This maintains positive muscle protein balance.
  7. Differently filtered whey protein isolates add to the awesomeness of this product that helps promote immune system health and organic growth/function.

2. GRF Extra Protein Whey Supplment

Each person’s body absorbs and uses protein differently. It is not uncommon to find some people who need more protein to see adequate muscle mass gains. Here is GRF’s answer...

  1. If you have fluctuating weight loss issues, or just simply cannot understand why your body is demanding so much protein but is not working them into muscle, this is the supplement for you.
  2. Much of what this product contains is similar if not the same as the Gold blend detailed above.
  3. With this particular ‘extra’ source of mass gains, you will find a balanced blend of fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins working together to provide quality supplementation.
  4. Lean muscle mass is yours to gain. This product promotes ideal digestion and absorption functions.
  5. Add Zinc, Vitamins A and E, and some of the best most effective Ayurvedic ingredients out there and you have yourself a protein shake that comes designed to transform your workouts into muscle-honing sessions of perfection.


By ‘organic’ we mean ‘ayurvedic’. It has proven to boost health in superb ways and now that Science has found ways to incorporate these ancient herbal substances in muscle building supplements, companies like GRF have used ayurveda tackles a major problem in the muscle-building field.

Muscle upkeep is harder than you think. Pumping it up can happen to most people but only a few know how to keep that muscle looking naturally ideal over the course of years. Whey protein has proven to be a frontrunner in this regard.

From power lifters, gymnasts, and athletes to everyday people who wish to change their health, look, and life GRF’s answer to mass gains has taken the form of healthy organic supplements like the two products detailed above.

Check out GRF’s range of Whey Protein Supplements.


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