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Formation of Gallbladder stones is extremely common today. It is a painful and unnecessary bodily phenomenon which can be easily avoided with a healthy and disciple routine. Over the last decade the rate of Gallbladder related issue have escalated to a very high rate. There is nothing much one can really do once the formation of the Gallbladder stones have set in, but one can easily prevent them from being formed and letting them harm your system.

What is the function of the Gallbladder?

It is true that the human body can survive without a Gallbladder, but it is equally important to understand the importance of the Gallbladder in the body. The function of the Gallbladder is to help absorb the fat that we consume and assist in the flushing out of the bad cholesterol from our body by secreting the excess bile that is stored in it.

Formation of stones

Over the last two decade, the human diet high rich in foods full of fat, cholesterol, preservative and other chemicals. The same cause the digestive system to dysfunction. Gallbladder stones are formed when the bile in the Gallbladder is completely saturated and instead is now full of cholesterol. This Cholesterol and unwanted fat cause the Formation or the Gallstones.

So what happens?

The Gallbladder stones act like a blockage. It prevents the food from getting digested properly. Thus, every time one consumes rich and oily food the digestive system is unable to digest the food. The body reacts causing inflammation, giving the person excruciating pain.Gallbladder stones are easily detected through an ultra-sonography, and thus advised to be removed, or else the stone could travel to the liver ducts causing life treating damage. Or if not treated in time, Gallbladder Stones cause infections leading to tumors and cancer.

The best ways to prevent Gallbladder stones from forming

  1. Watch your weight-You are what you eat. It is extremely important to control ones diet. If you are a diehard foodie, then you must ensure that you exercise regularly. Exercising will ensure that you burn that excess fat and use the cholesterol, not leaving your digestive system to bear the brunt. Keeping ones’ body safe from obesity can definitely keep the gallstones at bay.
  2. A fiber rich diet- Introducing fibers to your diet, prevents the formation of unwanted gallstones. In fact it also helps the Gallbladder to function normally by flushing out the extra oils and cholesterol. Foods like oats and leafy vegetables are a must.
  3. Apples- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Absolutely true. Make sure you have apple or apple juice often. The enzyme in the apple will help break the food faster and help you to digest your food faster and better.
  4. Don’t skip meal- Having your meals at regular interval will not only keep you healthy and full of energy but will definitely stop the formation of Gallstones. Irregular eating habits will cause the bile to be stored in the gallbladder to empty out faster when the food is consumed. However, skipping meals will also make your body reserve the extra fat (for energy), thus making you put on more weight.
  5. Coffee- It has been proved that a cup of coffee everyday can definitely prevent the formation of gallstones to be formed. Caffeine reduces the cholesterol, thus preventing the formation of gallstones to be formed. It is true that too must of caffeine is bad for the system, but a quick sharp shot is definitely beneficial.

Formation of Gallstones is an unnecessary evil that stalls the body from functioning in a normal way. The pain when arises is unbearable at time, it causing vomiting and acute acidity. The result of gallstones is like a chain reaction, I not checked can cause a multitude of problems. Sadly, the formation of Gallbladder stones is mostly, when one ignores their health and lifestyle.


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