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‘Thomas Addis’’ is the name which falls in the list of the well renowned physician-scientist, born (Edinburg, United Kingdom). According to him, “When the patient dies the kidneys may go to the pathologist, but while he lives the urine is ours. It can provide us day by day, month by month, and year by year, with a serial story of the major events going on within the kidney.”

After heart, kidney comes at the second place to be an essential part of a human’s body. Our body contains a couple of kidneys in it, primarily; their work is to make the urine. Kidney helps the body to be stable by keeping acid in blood, water and salt in a proper quantity, but if, one’s kidneys get damaged, it may definitely not be able to survive. There are several kidney problems and they have their different affects. if one kidney gets damaged then we can live on another one. Water said to be the biggest kidney purifier. But apart from it, there are countless home remedies and organic ways, by following which one can alleviate the risk of kidney damage. So, it is significantly recommended to all of you guys to just go through these proven remedies.

Types of kidney diseases-

  1. Kidney stone
  2. Glomerulonephritis
  3. Kidney infection
  4. Congenital kidney disease
  5. Hypertensive nephropathy and so on

Follow some of these best home remedies-

ACV softens the kidney stone- Having a stone in kidney is hazardously unendurable for one, because when it starts paining, “none has the power to tolerate it”. It is one of the most ancient problems pertaining to kidney. If it is ignored at first stage, surely, it will create the problem in urine system after getting large in size. But, as the studies say that the consumption of ‘apple cider vinegar’ in a proper way will definitely resolve the problem, as ACV contains the citric acid in a massive amount which is known to be beneficial in this problem.

Have the benefits of GARLIC- It is very threatening for one to know that he/she is having the problem regarding kidney. Mostly, people have pills and medicine to be protected from it, it is because we still are unaware from the matchless benefits of ‘Garlic’. Yes, garlic can be a panacea for securing you from the problems related to kidney, as it contains ‘’diuretic properties’’ which scientifically known to lower the renal infections.

Baking soda- This is known as multipurpose thing, we use baking soda in most of the things.  Baking soda is mostly used in preparing cakes and biscuits. There are lots of the cooking things wherein it is added and lovingly consumed. As studies say that, baking soda is the best one in healing the bicarbonate level.  

A handful of cashew nuts- Since very beginning cashew nuts are said to look like kidney’s shape. Primarily, cashews are traditionally consumed in making sweets and in some of the high quality based food. But, still there are most of us who are unaware from the health benefits of cashews. Yes, habit of having a handful of cashew nuts can help you get rid of several kidney related problems.

So, therefore is highly and scientifically recommended to all, follow all above mentioned remedies to keep yourself safe from any kind of damn problem related to kidney.  

Detoxification of kidney by Apple Cider Vinegar is incredible.  

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