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Much can be said about bald spots, how poor diet, rough hair combing, or lack of general all-round care can lead to brittle hair that gradually falls until it shows as bald spots. They do not grow there again because conditions are not right for them to grow.

Understanding why you use certain homemade recipes can help you remember to use them often. People with balding issues take it for granted and assume it is a phase or they feel they can put on whatever the next person tells them and it will work miracles. No! You can sometimes end up using substances that should not be used so soon after the other. It could lead to itching, rashes, or worse.

So what kind of simple homemade recipes have you not tried? We have collated a neat list of them with directions on how to use the ingredients under each. If they did not work for you before, see if you missed a point or two, or try a totally different one. You have options.

While some recipes may not work for you, others will. Your body is unique and this is to be naturally expected. Try these and get ready to see positive change over time. Of course, improvements in diet and reduction in bad habits like drinking and smoking (both of which are linked to hairloss) will help as well.

I. Henna Leaves

Having been used for centuries in India for various medicinal purposes, including the treatment of hairloss, henna in its most natural state (namely leaves) rendered as organic as possible for everyday use (namely paste) has shown to work magic on bald spots.

  • Take some mustard oil and boil henna leaves in them.
  • Wait for this mixture to cool before using. Strain the mustard oil and use what remains with your preferred everyday hair oil (coconut oil has proven to be the best choice in this regard).
  • Apply on scalp as well as hair 2-3 times a week.
  • II. Saffron & Licorice Powder

Containing properties that fight the core causes of baldness, these two are a great power-combo that can succeed where other remedies failed.

  • Take 2 tbsps. licorice powder and a pinch of saffron. Mix them with 4 tbsps. cold milk.
  • Once you have mixed that up real good, apply it to bald patches only and leave it overnight; do not wash off.
  • Rinse only on the morning of the following day. Repeat 3-4 times a week.

III. Egg White

Egg whites have come up time and again during talk of hairfall remedies. Your bald spots sure can do with this natural product.

    • It is as simple as cracking a few eggs, separating the yellow from the whites, and massaging the white part onto your scalp and hair.
    • It will get messy, but that is to be expected. Repeat 2-3 times a week.
    • Tip: Mix egg whites and olive oil for some hair growth magic.
    • IV. Lettuce & Spinach

    As unexpected combos go, this is one of them. We are not asking you to eat them although they are great for health. Here is what you need to do...

    • Use a blender to mix spinach and lettuce.
    • Extract the fluids and use it on your bald spots.
    • Leave it on there for about 10 minutes, giving it time to soak.
    • Rinse and repeat 3-4 times a week.
    • Tip: Make a good amount of this blend. Use some for your bald spots and keep another portion to drink. Imagine what this can do for your overall health.


    Natural remedies abound for hair loss. You have not tried some of the simple stuff out there yet. Perhaps you have. Have you done it consistently? Did you follow directions to a T? Did you consult or ask advice? Were you adaptable or did you stubbornly sit there and believe there was no hope, much like you are probably stubbornly saying you tried it all and nothing worked?

    Change your attitude, keep an open mind, and just get started on those bald spots, before they spread.


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