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Elissa Goodman, nutritionist & health consultant loves Tulsi tea and says, In the mid-afternoons, I typically see clients out of my home office and I love to share a cup of adaptagen Tulsi Tea (holy basil) with them. I add a few drops of Omica Organics Stevia.

Today what gets you physical and mental wellness actually a matter of concern?  Enormous promises on television, web and social media are erratic. Undoubtedly, we do get captivated by these fascinating commercials. But what actually should be given the priority is the thing that needs to be taken into consideration. In this case, the only redeemers are herbal and organic products. Opting for organic products not only benefits your health in million ways but also salubrious.

If we talk about the Holy basil (Tulsi) and its benefits then it would be harder to explain this holy herb in words. In short we could say that it is the best treatment of fever, lung disorders, asthma, heart diseases, stress, oral care, improves digestive system & metabolism and reliefs from respiratory disorders as well. Organic Tulsi tea is entity and has no need of any introduction. Come; let’s count its inevitable advantages-

Beats stress-  Being adaptogenic herb, holy basil contains anti-stress agents its perform best in soothing nerves, fighting against free radicals and maintains the blood flow in the our body. According to research, this incomparable plant aids to regulate the normal level of cortisol hormone also known as a stress hormone in our body. Stress and anxiety are bound to occur when this hormone gets high in level. In this situation Tulsi a natural anti-stress herb acts effectively to lower the cortisol level.

Oral care- Tulsi is filled with antimicrobial properties that help to promote overall dental and oral health. The beneficial compounds in Tulsi tea helps to protect teeth from gems in the oral cavity. This aromatic herb diminishes the bed breath and works as a mouth freshener. Other dental conditions such as mouth ulcer, pyorrhoea and oral cancer can also be treated with holy basil tea.

Skin & hair- Loaded with numerous anti-oxidants and nutrients, it aids to maintain healthy and flawless skin. With age, our skin is bound to get aged and have unwanted creases and other signs of aging reason being with passing age our body somewhere loses its ability to fight with free radicals. Presence of antioxidants or polyphenols in herbal tea, decelerate the process of aging by removing free radical from our body. So, daily intake a cup of Tulsi tea can have you beautiful and young skin.

On the other hand Tulsi reduces and treats the itchiness on scalps and helps to stop hair fall. Consumption of Tulsi tea on regular basis aids to heal or cure many skin and hair conditions.

Lose weight- However tall promises on TV commercial appear good to eyes but our purpose doesn’t get severed through these tempting ads. Catch up on individuals priority is not a cup of tea. Making choice from end numbers of product according to your need is essential. Nowadays everyone wants to be fit and slim. Fulfilling the dream of being in shape we try so many products and supplements, some of them do entertain the purpose others are just a scam! Tulsi tea helps to increase the metabolism rate in our body that eventually speed up the fat burning process. This sacred herbal brew is the best natural way to lose weight efficaciously.

Don’t ignore nature’s advantageous gift include it in your daily life to be healthy and fit.

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