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Asthma is a persistent disease. It is basically the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Coughing, chest tightening and wheezing add up to form the symptoms of asthma. Thus, a person suffering from asthma may witness shortness of breath more often. Asthma is generally of two types:

Allergic- caused by common allergens and triggers like pollens, dust mites, etc.

Non-allergic- caused by stress, exercise, smoke, exposure to extreme weather, etc.

The best defense to asthma is to avoid the allergens and environmental triggers. Know all that you need to know about your asthma and plan a treatment for asthma that is efficient for you.


Relationship Between Asthma And Your Environment

We are all aware of the fact that we are in constant contact to the environment via air, water and soil. There is definitely a strong relationship between the environment and asthma. The most common environmental triggers leading to asthma are as follows:

  • Dust mites
  • Animal Dandruff
  • Pollens from grass, trees and weeds.
  • Smoke and chemical fumes
  • Colds and Flu
  • Cockroaches
  • Pollutants- organic solvent aerosols, air-borne chemicals (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone gas etc.) and air-borne compounds (pesticides, etc.)
  • Smoking


Cure Of Asthma


Being a chronic disease, asthma cure is rare. Even then, this disease can be treated if the patient takes his own responsibility. Asthma can be cured only when the swelling of the bronchioles have been reduced. Asthma and its attacks can be severe and therefore, asthma care is very essential. Less exposure to environmental allergens may help you in preventing asthma.


  • To start with, begin from your room.

Separate your room from your siblings if you are suffering from asthma. Keep your room clean and free from contamination. Do not keep dirty clothes lying around in your bedroom.


  • Stay in a smoke-free environment.

Do not smoke tobacco. Make sure that nobody smokes around you. Even a small amount of tobacco smoke can be hazardous for you.


  • Prevent dust mites.

The dead skin cells that we shed are a food for dust mites. Apply mattress and pillow covers so that dust mites do not have a way to get through.


  • Keep away from Pollens.

Pollens from trees or plants cause seasonal allergy symptoms and therefore trigger asthma. Keep windows closed to avoid the pollens. Make it a habit to wash your clothes regularly and to take a shower after playing or working outdoors.


  • Dander can be harmful and you must take care to avoid it.

Your pets i.e. if you have them may cause you problems but you obviously cannot abandon your pet. Wash your hands after petting. Bathe your pet frequently to reduce dander from its hair.


  • Say a big no to Infections.

Avoid pollution and infections as much as you can. Cover your mouth and nose whenever you go out. Wash your hands frequently. Colds and flu can worsen your situation. Use organic anti-allergens that has no side effects.

Each asthmatic may have a different problem. Some asthma patients use specific inhalers, anti-allergens and some may also use high doses of medicines. Asthma cure is rather complicated. You will not find a physician at your aid at all times. Hence, it is highly recommended that you look into the matter and take all the cautions as needed.

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