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  • Rosemary herb: Ditch your usual coffee and start your day with rosemary to get energy for the whole day. Boil water with rosemary herb and add tea. After sometime, strain it and drink rosemary tea. It also prevents the damage of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and keeps you away from memory loss, Alzheimer disease, insomnia, dementia and other neurological diseases. You can sprinkle a little rosemary herb to your daily food also.

  • Karela juice: Karela or bitter gourd enhances your energy level and boosts your stamina. Hypoglycemic and polypeptide in it works as a natural insulin and lowers the level of blood sugar in diabetes patients. Bitter gourd has antihelminthic property that kills parasites and toxic that grows in digestive system and prevents gastrointestinal diseases. Karela juice can cure diseases like cholera, psoriasis, gout, piles, measles, chickenpox and malaria. Plus it prevents eye problems, boosts immunity and cures hangover.

  • Tulsi Juice: Tulsi or holy basil boosts energy efficiently. When you are in stress, the adrenalin gland secretes stress hormones that have a negative effect in inflammation, metabolism and immunity systems. At that time your body develops extra corticosterone and cortisol that causes weight gain. Tulsi has an aromatic compound called eugenol that prevents stress and depression and enhance your energy. Triterpenoic acid in basil improves the negative effect of stress.

  • Amla Powder: Amla or Indian gooseberry helps to reduce blood sugar in your body and thus makes the metabolism system stronger so that you can get stamina and energy. It is a great source of vitamin C that makes your bones and teeth stronger, improves brain function, takes away toxins, improves urinary system, increases fertility and combats anemia. Amla also helps to prevent eye diseases, grows healthy hair, combats menstrual cramps, prevents wrinkles and fine lines and improves heart fuction. You can take amla power with hot or cold water at bedtime or in the morning.

  • Apricot bar: The main ingredient of apricot bar is apricot that has loads of iron and fiber which boosts your energy level. Flavanoid in it can reduce the risk of stroke. Lutein in apricot will protect your retina and prevents blindness with ageing. Catechin in it works as an anti inflammatory agent and stabilizes blood pressure and cholesterol level. Honey in the bar works as an anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal agent and prevent allergy, boosts energy, improves brain function, increases immunity and prevent insomnia. Almond has the goodness of vitamin E, protein, anti oxidants, magnesium and fiber that helps to reduce blood sugar and LDL Cholesterol, prevents your cells from damaging and gives you younger looking skin. Sunflower, pumpkin and flax seed are a great source of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals that give adequate nutrition to your body.

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