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With the fast paced life and routine we tend to neglect the cholesterol present in the food that we consume. Although some amount of cholesterol is essential for the human body, yet LDL (low density cholesterol) is harmful for the body. LDL can clog the main arteries which can lead to a heart attack. Here are listed some home remedies by which an individual can improve its cardiovascular health.

1) A clove of garlic

Researches have shown that eating a clove of garlic early in the morning can help in better blood circulation. Moreover garlic promotes the production of HDL (good) cholesterol and inhibits LDL (bad) cholesterol. Possibility of formulation harmful blood coagulation inside the body can also be prevented by garlic. So, overall garlic is a medicinal herb which helps in improvement of blood flow, thereby improving cardiac health. If one is unable to eat raw garlic clove then they can go for garlic capsules.

2) Have some green tea

Green tea contains natural anti-oxidants which can help improve the quality of blood cells. These healthy blood cells then form a better lining of the blood vessels, promoting an effective blood flow. Prepared from unfermented tea leaves, green tea prevents rise in blood pressure. Including 2-3 cups of green tea in your diet as compared to normal tea can help an individual to improve his or her cardiac health.

3) Include turmeric in your diet

It has been said that turmeric can prevent the deposition of fatty material inside the blood vessels. Turmeric also helps in reducing the possibility of clot formation and promotes cholesterol reduction. Turmeric can be included in the diet when it is used in cooking or it can also be taken by boiling one tablespoon of turmeric powder in a cup of milk or water.

4) Exercise Regularly

Exercising daily will help an individual to maintain weight and stress levels. Moreover it can also promote a healthy heart, improve blood flow and keeps a check on the blood pressure levels. As suggested by the American Heart Association exercising for half an hour for every five days a week can reduce the risk of heart disease.

A good natural diet combined with regular exercise can make the heart healthy and strong. But remember one must consult a doctor if he or she finds that the problem is too severe to handle. For more health care related products kindly visit the joy by nature website.


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