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Desserts are everyone’s best friend; and desserts with and as dry fruits is the most awesome sauce combination. They make your heart crave for more and more and more until it’s all over. One such dry fruit which can be turned into a delicious dessert after a mouth-watering meal is date. Dates are the most underrated dry fruits which highly are ignored but you will be amazed to find out that they have the highest nutritional value out of all the dry fruits. And a handful of these can instantly turn your sleazy mornings into an energetic marathon.

Dates and delicacies

Dates being rich in Vitamin B, C and F are perfect morning starters and day-enders. It not only protects you from a number of diseases related to heart, digestion and nervous system but also treats your various skin and hair related problems. Dates are one of the sweet foods that can regulate the digestive process and versatile enough to give you a delicious delicacy. They help maintain your eye health and are known to keep you away from the problem of blindness. Dates also have large amount of potassium which helps the nervous system.

  1. Date – orange stuffed cookies

These cookies are filled with a blend of dates, orange and ginger. Just the right amount of sweetness, savoury and happiness!

  1. Chocolate date caramel cups

Made up of chocolate, caramel and dates (of course), this amaze ball recipe will give you a glimpse of all heavenly things at once.

  1. Healthy date caramel

As the name suggests, this caramel dessert is not only delicious but healthy too. So say your grace and flush this creamy stuff right into your mouth!

  1. Salted date caramel

This one’s especially for those with an inclination towards savory food items with a little bit of sweetness and savory in it.

  1. Date nut truffles

Do you know what’s better than truffles? Date nut truffles because God has created this recipe on his own. (Just kidding!)

Advantages of eating dates

Dates are eaten as a regular dry fruit by most of the people but there are many hidden benefits to it. They are a good source of dietary fiber. Dates are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants and the essential minerals potassium and magnesium. A diet that regularly includes low-fat, nutrient-dense foods like dates may enhance your health and help decrease your chance of developing many chronic diseases. Dates have high iron content and are very useful in treating anemia. Being a dry fruit, it also serves the purpose of being a significant and prominent food item.

So now when you’re craving for a dessert and want it to be healthy too, don’t forget to pick up a bowl of dates!

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