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It can be hard to decide what to eat and what to avoid when you’re on a budget, especially when you live alone and depend on your parent’s money. Trust me, I can totally relate. So, what do you do in a condition like this? How do you survive? Read on to find out!

There are times when on the 1st of every month, we eat like we own every food court and grocery store and by the last week of the month, we settle for just noodles or fruits or packed food. Not only will this ruin your diet, but also mismanage all your money affairs. To balance it all, you need to work on your food budgets, and this is the way to do that.

  • First and foremost, plan your weekly diet and make a grocery list Scan your fridge and cabinets to avoid buying what you already have. Also, buy the right amount that you can consume in the given span of time and won’t have to throw the extras.

  • Stick to your grocery list. This is almost impossible when you enter the store and have everything you ever wanted right in front of your eyes. To control that urge, shop at the perimeter of the store at first. Look at the top and bottom shelves only because the expensive items are usually placed at the eye levels.

  • Cooking is a very efficient method of saving money and eating healthy. You know your ingredients and will restrain yourself from anything that is in excess. It is comparatively less expensive than eating out, and quantities will be as per your wish. Consider cooking large portions and using the leftovers.
  • Never go hungry to the grocery store. NEVER!! There are chances that you might end up eyeing and buying things that suit your tongue more than your wallet. Grab fruit, yogurt, or any other form of healthy snack before leaving for grocery shopping, or any other activity for that matter.
  • Go for less-processed foods over the processed ones as they are comparatively cheap. Consider this, a block of cheese is cheaper than shredded cheese, or canned beans are cheaper than the refried ones.

  • Whole grains should be bought in bulk as they are cheaper per serving than most processed cereals. Also, try to appreciate the less expensive food than feeling bad for it, or yourself.

Save money and stay healthy, not unless to abide by the above mention rules. You are always free to select your own methods. If you have something new and unique, do share with us in the comments below. Joy by Nature is always happy to help.


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