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Break-fast! Breaking the fast! Yes, it stands for its name. The duration between your dinner and breakfast is long and can be considered a fast. And hence, the first meal after the long break is what we call breakfast. It helps in our metabolism. If you want to stay active, breakfast is the key. Breakfast provides the energy that we need for the whole day. Not only physically but it also helps in maintaining the mental health. It helps in proper functioning of the brain by providing the essential nutrients. Having breakfast also helps maintain the glucose levels. But it is seen in the youth that skipping breakfast has become a trend. But less known that is harming their health for a long term. Let us see how we can make our breakfast interesting by adding variety to it.

  • Flaky, flaky Flakes!

Flakes are one healthy breakfast food. It provides us with basic nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals and proteins. The best thing about flakes or any kind of food like this is that you will not gain weight. Not only this, flakes are wholesome too. There are wide ranges of flakes available.

  • Muesli

The best part about muesli is that it does not contain fat. Yes, you heard it right. No fats. It is high in fiber and has no cholesterols. You can count on it as it is a nutritionally balanced diet and it is filling which keeps the hunger away for long hours

  • Dry fruits

Dry fruits are tasty and beneficial at the same time. Rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibre, dry fruits are medicinally beneficial too. Some help in the growth of hair, while some contribute in the nourishment of the skin. Some help in the development of the brain while some provide energy to the body.

  • Jams and butter

These are the icing on the cake. The jams and butter make your breakfast more interesting. They not only add taste to your breakfast but also retain its nutritional benefits giving you the sumptuous and healthy breakfast. They also relieve you from the boring everyday breakfast.

  • Juices and pancakes

Juices are something you can have throughout the day. But having it in the morning has its own perks. As in the morning, the body is more open to absorbing nutrients, having juices at that hour is the best. And organic juices  are closer to nature than the ordinary juices.

So now I think you have a variety of ideas as to how to add variety to your breakfast but simultaneously keeping it healthy and retaining its nutritional values isn’t it? Click here for more varieties that you can add to your balanced diet.


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