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Before you get blown down by a big storm there is always some signal your body gives out. You must be attentive to them. You might listen to the silent whispers the body is giving you and pay heed towards them and work on them before they get out of hand.

Here are some hints you might be facing, but not paying attention to.

  • Lack of sleep- If you are facing insominia then you better get ready to fall sick. Cortisol is a hormone which allows you to work throughout the day. The level of cortisol supply should decrease, thus allowing you to fall asleep. If this is not happening, it not good. You are unwell and you must visit a doctor soon. It might be that you are suffering from high blood pressure and need medical assiatance.

  • Shrinking- Isn’t it weird? Did you measure yourself to 5”10” and now you are 5”9”? Why is this happening? Should this happen? No, this should never happen. If this is what is happening, then pay good heed. You need to consult a physician. The reason behind this might be the weakening of your bones. Bones become weak due to osteoporosis. This is a terrible illness which leads to joint ache and you might end up with a fractured hip.

To protect your bones include high calcium food in your body along with Vitamin D. Also relaxation of the body is necessary, as stress leads to pressure on joints and thus bone problems.

  • Overweight – Do you think you look like an apple or a pear? I am not joking. Apple shaped bodies and pear shaped bodies mean one is carrying too much excess weight in the middle and lower portions of the body, which should not be. These are symptoms of being unwell. Being overweight might be due to various reasons. Obesity is one of them. Overweight leads to cardiovascular diseases. People with apple-shaped bodies are more prone to heart attacks than pear shaped people.

  • Tiredness- Are you tired even after a night’s sleep? If this is true, then you are unwell and need to consult your doctor. Your tiredness might be due to various health issues. It might be due to inappropriate secretions from the thyroid gland or too much toxins in your body which you immune system is not able to fight.
  • Yellow urine- If your urine is not clear and it’s yellow, you need to be bothered about it. Yellow urine means your body is dehydrated and there is much need to hydrate it. This leads to being unwell.

If you are facing these issues, consulting a doctor is a must along with a healthy diet. For a healthy organic diet, click here.


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