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People often say “Are you nuts?” often undermining the benefits of nuts and dried fruits. We can find lots of varieties of nuts and dry fruits in our world. Nuts and dry fruits often remind us of something. Yes, it’s chocolates. Yummy chocolates filled with nuts and dry fruits. They make us forget everything else in the world. And yet we do not give nuts and dried fruits their much deserved importance. They are just taken for granted. We do not realise the taste, health, crunch in our foods.Snacking on nuts can make you a lot healthier than ever. I love eating nuts, especially pistachios, almond and walnuts.

Health Benefits

Some nuts such as walnuts, almonds are commonly found in households. Almonds, from ages, are known to increase your memory power. Walnuts are rich in omega 3-fatty acids, which protects from heart diseases and cancer.Joy by nature has some amazing collections of walnuts at an amazing price. Dry fruits are not only just expensive, but low cost and healthy too. Dry fruits are available in all seasons. Dry fruits are famous in Indian delicacies also. They are used in making sweets which make them a litter bit sweeter and crunchy and adding more flavours and health benefits. Some nuts also tend to increase eyesight and brain power. Cashews, extremely rich in iron and zinc, tend to increase brain power and mind sharpness.

It is better to eat nuts and dry fruits regularly instead of fast food. They can be carried easily because of its small size and can be eaten anywhere. In Southern India, coconut is not only used in the delicacies but also in other ways. Every part of the coconut is used like making jute bags. The shells can be used in making decorative items. Figs and dates are not liked by everyone, but if they are combined with something, the new taste is liked by everyone. I am motivated by just reading these health benefits of nuts and dry fruits! For those who are complaining about their weight or any related problems should try eating nuts such as Brazil nut, Pistachios etc. Try this Premium Dryfruit Combo.

Some trained chefs and nutritionists suggest that eating nuts with everyday items can make you live longer.  It is essential that you include these dry fruits and nuts in your diet. If you are in a strict calorie control diet, you should eat nuts regularly as they not only help you in controlling your weight but will also help in maintaining fitness.

So, as to conclude my article, I would like to say that you should keep eating nuts and dried fruits as “Health is Wealth”. Keep trying out new dishes and recipes with nuts and don’t forget its benefits. Joy by Nature offers a wide variety of dry fruits and nuts.


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