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The major cause of heart diseases is the Cholesterol content in the blood vessels. So identifying the sources of good cholesterol, which transports the cholesterol from all the body parts to liver where it is driven out of the body, is must. HDL plays the role of good cholesterol. Hence, we have to know the sources of HDL in order to keep our body in a healthy condition.

Is Cholesterol Good or Bad?

Cholesterol is a waxy fat like substance. Our body generates all the cholesterol it requires. In addition to it, cholesterol comes from the food we eat. It travels in small packages in the blood stream. These packages are lipoproteins with fat inside and proteins outside. These Lipoproteins are of 2 kinds: High Density Lipoproteins and Low Density Lipoproteins. LDL is called bad cholesterol as it leads to plaque formation in arteries and narrows the blood vessels. Higher the levels of LDL in blood vessels, greater will be the risk of coronary diseases. HDL is called good cholesterol because it carries cholesterol from all the body parts to liver where it is removed from the body. Higher the levels of HDL in blood vessels, lesser will be the risk of coronary diseases. Triglycerides increase the risk of heart strokes as the excess food and alcohol in the body is converted into triglycerides. So we should consume foods that increase Good Cholesterol (HDL).

Sources of Good Cholesterol (HDL):

As we are now clear about the role HDL plays in keeping our health in a good condition, we have to know what the sources of HDL are.

Whole Grains that promotes Good Cholesterol:

Whole grains such as Oat Meal, Cereals, Oat Bran, Bread, Brown Rice, promote the good cholesterol levels and decrease the risks of coronary heart diseases.

Nuts – Sources of Good Cholesterol:

Nuts such as Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Pistachios, Peanuts help with the same.

Sources of Omega-3 fatty acids that promote Good Cholesterol:

Fatty Fishes, Fish Oils, Flax Seeds, Flax Seed Oils, Chia Seeds.

Eggs, Dark Chocolates, Red Wine, and Avocados also play a major role in increasing the HDL content in our body.

In addition to diet, exercise also plays a major role in increasing the HDL content in our body. But as there are several precautions to be taken while doing exercises, the best way to increase the good cholesterol content in body is to follow a proper diet. Joy By Nature is the best place to discover quality products at a reasonable price.


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