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Food!! Such a blessing... But only if all types of food were healthy. Sigh! Only if we could get all the nutrients in a vegetarian diet. We can, if we know what to eat and how much to eat. It is all about maintaining a perfect balance of what you eat in a day. Actually you know a vegetarian diet is perfect to maintain a healthy figure, heart and immune system. It does not make you obese, it makes skin glow, it makes hair grow healthier, and it has low heart attack risks. Isn’t it tempting now. Here are a few ways of how we can enhance a vegetarian diet.

  • Make breakfast interesting

Skipping breakfast is a big no no! It makes your immune system low and imbalances your weight.  Make breakfast an interesting by adding honey, cereals, flakes, muesli and so on. Bread and jams and also the wide range of butter turn out to be good breakfast options.

  • Yum! Healthy juices!

Add juices to your breakfast to supply the nutrients that your body needs for the day. Organic juices are more reliable I suggest. It is more nutritious than the normal juices found. Add some syrups and molasses to your drink and there you have a whole new nutritious drink.

  • Hungry again

Do not underestimate the power of vegetarian food! What about a mid morning snack? Sounds interesting?  You can do away with this hunger by having healthy munchies, dry fruits and healthy snacks

  • Lunch isn’t less

In your lunch try having salads. If you have rice during lunch you can continue to do so but not a huge amount. Try some lentils, tastes great with rice. Trust me. You can also add mushrooms to your lunch.

  • Would you like some tea or coffee?

Tea and coffee are good mood enhancers. Green teas are antioxidants, help burn fats, and also help in controlling diabetes. There are also wide ranges of coffee that you can choose from. Cookies really go well with tea and coffee and when those are organic, I tell you, it’s cherry on the cake.

  • Dinner time!

Dinner should always be light. It is so because during sleep the digestion process becomes slower and a light dinner serves right. Try some tofu with good rotis or chapattis made of good flour. You can have some milk before sleeping as it helps you fall asleep.

So you see vegetarians are not in a loss. They have a wider and healthier range of food items. It’s just that you need to know how to enhance your diet and voila! So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to start your vegetarian diet already! Click here to get a wider range of products required in a vegetarian diet.


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