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Bleeding gums is mainly an inflammation of your gums and it is caused by some bacterial infection. It is necessary to prevent bleeding gums at the initial stage. You can use some organic and natural foods which help you prevent bleeding gums and keep your teeth strong in the future.If you find some redness during brushing your teeth then your gums might be affected and it will create some bleeding problem soon. So you need to consult with the dentist immediately regarding this issue and solve this matter with proper medication. Bleeding gums are mainly caused by various reasons like vigorous brushing, bacterial infection and inflammation of your gums. If you want to avoid these situations you can apply some home remedies and take some foods on a regular basis to prevent bleeding bums as well as teeth problems.

Here you can find some foods which help you prevent bleeding gums effectively:

  • Vitamins and minerals: You should take some rich vitamin-containing foods like soybean, milk, lemon juice, different kinds of fruits and raw vegetables. These food items have huge amounts of vitamins and minerals and they prevent bleeding gums.

  • Avoid soda and candy: If you have a bad habit to consume candy, chocolate and soda then you need to control yourself and try to change this habit now. These foods items have huge amount of artificial color, preservatives and sugar which get deposited on your gums and teeth and affect your mouth easily.
  • Fresh fruits: It is suggested to consume fruits as much as possible and it is necessary to take at least two fruits everyday. It will make your immune system strong and maintain your gums too.
  • Lemon juice: You can apply some lemon juice or extract on your gums because lemon juice has a rich amount of vitamin C and it prevents the bacterial infection of your gums and So you can take some lemon juice twice a day but do not mix sugar in your juice.

How to maintain your gums?

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Consult with the dentist every six months
  • Do not brush your teeth vigorously
  • Use medicated tooth-paste only
  • Use some mouth wash thrice a day
  • Eat raw vegetables as much as possible
  • Stop smoking. When you smoke and inhale, it affects your gums and creates some bacterial infection.

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