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Our hands work the most for us and are indeed the focal point of our overall hygiene. However clean or nutritious our food may be, if it is eaten with dirty hands our health is going to suffer. Here are some tips and suggestions for maintaining the hygiene of our hands.  

Using Soap

Use soap that is specifically meant for hands. It is important to use special hand-soaps only as they contain enough moisturizer that won’t dry your hands even after recurring washes. These soaps will prevent onset of bacterial infection that our hands are likely to catch for their frequent touching everywhere.

Hand Deodorant

Our hands do not show sweat buildup but sweat does appears on them. This may leave hands, fingers and inter-finger spaces smelling bad and getting infection. There are herbal and organic hand deodorants available in the market that are safe on hands. They also act as antiperspirants and keep hands smelling good.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are a good and latest replacement for soap wash. Many times, especially during travelling, it is not possible to wash hands with soap and water before eating. Hand sanitizers are a convenient way as all that you need to do is to take a small dollop in your hands and smear well. Sanitizers are also used while handling wounds, medicines or patients, garbage or similar messy things. It keeps hands safe from germs and consequent infections.

Alcohol-based Hand Rub

An alcohol-based hand rub  can be a convenient disinfectant. It can be conveniently carried and can be used anywhere and anytime. They can be placed conveniently on office tables or bedsides for their convenient usage. It is effective than soap-water cleaning and takes lesser time. These hand rubs are mild on hands and do not cause dryness or irritation. They also do not need paper towels for drying.

Hand Hygiene Tips

  • While using hand rubbing lotions, rub both the hands vigorously so that the lotion covers whole hand and not just fingers or palms.
  • Do not ignore cleaning of finger tips and areas between fingers
  • Rub sanitizer or other alcohol based hand cleaners till they completely evaporate. Do not hasten the drying.
  • Cleanhands every time before and after meal, even if they are not visibly dirty
  • Clean your hands thoroughly after toileting activities
  • Do not use common soaps as they are fertile ground for catching infection.
  • If handling patients, medicines or surgical processes, always use antimicrobial soap or lotion.
  • Do not use a common or a social towel for drying hands after cleaning.
  • Do not perform cleaning of hands while wearing gloves.

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