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The blood pressure is calculated by noting the rate at which the blood flows through the arteries from the heart. When the pressure is checked, the medical personnel will take into account two types of pressure levels. One is the systolic pressure (below 120mmHg) which is taken when the heart pumps out the blood and the second is the diastolic pressure (below 80mmHg) which is taken when the heart rests between the beats. This is generally the normal level of pressure that needs to be maintained in a person.

When a person’s pressure levels goes beyond the normal that has been stipulated, the condition is called as high blood pressure or Hypertension. The causes for the sudden rise in the pressure levels are many and they really need to be checked before the condition turns out to be serious to the life of the person.

Keeping in check the high pressure

Pregnant women and diabetic people are advised to keep their pressure levels to the minimum and well within the limits. Normal people when they have a case of high blood pressure can easily manage it by taking some medication of sorts. Complications occur during pregnancy and the blood sugar level shoots up in a diabetic person.

Doctors relate hypertension to the high levels of stress. When a person is stressed, hormones are released into the blood which in turn ignites a reaction in the system and thereby leads to the increases in the flow rate of the blood. Managing the stress levels is an important step for keeping the blood pressure within the limits.

The toxins present in the blood as a result of the food that is consumed and also the environmental factors can become a cause to the increase in the pressure levels. Once in a while cleaning of the blood toxins has to be done in order to avoid the accumulation of these compounds in the blood as it can lead to blood clot or thrombosis.

To keep the levels in check, people can switch over to the natural medications that the doctors prescribe based on each person’s profile.

  • Resveratrol compounds:

The Resveratrol is a type of plant compound that belongs to the polyphenol family. This compound reverses the action of the compounds involved in increasing the blood pressure and prevents other heart diseases.

  • Grape seed extract:

The dosage level of this extract depends upon the stage of blood pressure that the person has. Researches indicate that, grape seed is vital in lowering the blood pressure.

  • Winter cherry:

The winter cherry or the ashwagandha is an excellent form of medication for diabetic people with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Diuretics:

The diuretics help to lower the blood flow rate and also help to reduce the blood pressure significantly. The lipids in this act as a barrier and prevent the accumulation of toxins.

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