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Dry fruits are not only healthy but delicious too. There are various benefits of various dry fruits.

  • Cashew: The copper in cashew nut helps to provide energy. Cashew has low cholesterol level that helps to maintain healthy cholesterol level in our body. Also, the high level of anti-oxidants helps to reduce the risk of cancer. It reduces hypertension and being loaded with mono saturated fats, it improves heart condition too.

  • Walnuts: Walnut has lots of benefits. Due to its laxative effect, it helps to cure constipation. Walnut can be helpful for insomniacs because it effectively improves sleeping pattern. It reduces the chance of heart attack because it reduces triglycerides in our body. Walnut is filled with anti-oxidants and that’s why it keeps serious diseases at bay. If you have dry skin, walnut can help you in great extent as it has omega-3 fatty acid. Apart from that, it improves sperm count and prevent hair fall.

  • Pistachios: Pistachio helps to reduce the risk of anemia as it maintains healthy hemoglobin count in blood. It controls wrinkles and fine lines and works like a shield to protect from harmful UV rays since it has demulcent and anti-oxidants. It has a high level of carotenoids and thus it protects from eye diseases. Vitamin B6 in it can save you from heart ailments. Also it helps to maintain blood pressure and inflammation.

  • Almonds: Almond has many beauty benefits. It reduces acne, eczema, removes dead cells and gives shine and volume to dull hair because it is a great source of fatty acids. Almond stabilizes cholesterol level and improves blood circulation. Its high fiber count helps to prevent indigestion.

  • Dates: Dates are filled with antioxidants, essential minerals and fiber. Dietary fiber stabilizes blood sugar and cholesterol. Potassium in dates can prevent diseases like kidney stone and osteoporosis. Magnesium in dates can improve cardiovascular and metabolic function. Eating dates regularly helps to combat the risk of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer disease.
  • Pecan Nuts: Pecan nut is beneficial for health as well as skin also. Because of the presence of oleic acid, it prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. Pecan nuts help to reduce weight by increasing metabolism. It washes out toxins from your body and thus helps you to get flawless glowing skin. Vitamin E, ellagic acid and vitamin A combat premature aging, fine line and wrinkles. Since it has iron, thus it can also prevent hair fall.
  • Raisin: Raisin has laxative effect that prevents constipation and indigestion. High magnesium in it can treat acidity. Raisin has copper, iron and vitamin B that reduce the risk of anemia. Apart from that, it improves sexual health, prevents the risk of cancer and inflammation.

Eat raw dry fruits or grind and sprinkle it on your breakfast. To know more, visit here.


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