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Organic tea is one beverage that is definitely bestowed with wholesome goodness. However, excess drinking is also advisable to avoid. Previously there was only a single variety of tea which was common in all houses. Tea leaves were dipped in water and milk and sugar were added to it. However, with the excessive trend of people becoming health conscious milk tea has almost moved off the scene and organic tea has become the choice among all.

Organic tea is available in various flavours. There is –

  • Tulsi tea
  • Green Tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Lemon Tea
  • Masala tea

The endless range of organic tea online is quite enthralling.  Each of these has its own goodness.

 Tea forms a staple beverage among most firstly because of its appealing taste and secondly because of the various health and medical benefit tea has.

Obesity is a major concern among people these days. Fighting obesity amid the fast lifestyle is one of the biggest challenges these days. There are various diet plans and medicines which promise to fight over weight, but unfortunately none can prove any result. The best of them is organic tea  – especially green tea.

Green tea has been proved one of the most beneficial ways to fight being over weight. It has been one of the greatest household medicine which helps to loose weight without any difficult diet. The benefits have been studies thoroughly to provide assistance to weight loss and have been well proved.


 Here is how organic tea- green tea benefits us –

  • Metabolic stimulant – the higher the metabolism in the body the faster burns the fat. Drinking green tea fastens the metabolic activity in the body and helps in calorie reduction which leads to excessive body weight. Green tea contains special chemical catehin which increases metabolic activity in the body.
  • Appetite reduction – the urge to eat all the time can be reduced by drinking green tea. The reduction of hunger is due to the herbs effect on the blood sugar.
  • Cuts down on carb storage – drinking green tea after dinners helps to digest the dinner faster. Since, we do not work at night the carbohydrate taken get stored as fat. Thus, drinking organic tea- green tea slows the process of changing the carbohydrate to fat.

Is this organic tea only about weight loss?

 No, not at all! Green tea has more benefits than that of weight loss. Breast cancer among women is common. Intake of green tea regularly reduces the tendencies along with helping in fighting breast cancer.

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