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In this fast moving world we rarely have time for ourselves. In pursuit of success and happiness we forget about our health, which is of paramount importance. Diseases like obesity, heart attack, etc can be easily prevented by consuming the so called "superfoods". Super food is basically a nutrient-rich food considered beneficial for the health and wellbeing. You can easily cut down your calories and prevent many diseases as super foods have an unusually high content of antioxidants, vitamins or other nutrients.

Consuming the right amount of dietary fibers and roughages will help in a better functionary of your body as well as shield your body from further cell damage and health risks. Moreover, hitting the gym will no longer be necessary if you are not a gym enthusiast. A balanced and nutritious eating plan is a must for all-round health development. One more plus point is that superfoods boost your appearance by ensuring youthful skin and rejuvenated cells. Choosing the right superfood is also very necessary. Given below are some important points you should keep in mind for better results.

How to choose and consume superfoods:

  • Consult your doctor/dietitian: Consulting a trained doctor or dietitian is very beneficial as every person has a different type of body mass index(BMI) and intake capacity. Your doctor or dietician will point out which superfood is more healthy and beneficial for your body.

  • Find out the nutrients contents: Find out which nutrients your body is lacking in and consume the superfood rich in those nutrients.
  • Variety in superfoods: Consuming a variety of superfoods will provide a balanced diet to your body and will make you healthier.

Some examples of superfoods and their benefits

  • Organic raw honey: Rich in calcium, copper, iron, etc. all of which are much needed in the body.

  • Organic sunflower seeds: Dubbed as the world's healthiest food, it is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, phosphorus, copper and many other nutrients.

Points to keep in mind

  • Make sure to check for authentic superfood products before buying them.
  • Consume the superfood as instructed by the manufacturer or the dietitian.
  • Overdosing can be extremely dangerous to health as too much antioxidant can harm you. Too many antioxidants produce pro-oxidants which reverse the effects of the superfood and harm your muscles and blood cells. Moreover, excessive amounts of nutrients can result in nutrients overload in the organs which may result in many side-effects.

So do you want to live longer and lead a much happier life? Then follow the above instructions carefully and make your life better and healthier. Click here to check out more interesting products of JBN.


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