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In today’s world the amount of nutrients and minerals consumed over a normal diet is minimal. And with that minimal amount of consumption we expect a marvelous energy output to be given by us. Let’s get real and understand that, it doesn’t work that way. Midst our inglorious eating habits, we need to introduce few energy boosters and few mind vacations to keep ourselves productive and efficient the entire day. Energy boosters or chyawanprash are extremely helpful in amplifying the energy level in a person and kicking off the lethargy out their body.

Energy boosters can come in cans and bottles. They are a mixture of herbs and various natural refreshments that can take your brain for a mini vacation. Chyawanprash is an energy booster but it comprised of only organic elements and is natural in every possible way. Even the method used for preparing is natural. Whereas energy boosters comprise of both chemically aided elements and the organic elements; hence chyawanprash is an organic energy boosters. Here are some energy boosters and tips that can be followed on a regular basis to improve their day’s productivity.

  • A spoonful of chyawanprash always helps. This has more medicinal properties and it is organic and a natural energy booster. This medicine has been used and prepared since ancient times and the procedure is the same. The herbs and medicinal roots used and the proportion that they are mixed in are the same as before. Chyawanprash does not just keep your health fit, but it increases the oxygen absorption in the blood thereby making you less lethargic.
  • Sipping on some green tea during the tiny breaks off your work helps in clearing up your mind and in making you feel fresh to carry on with your work the entire day. Green tea is known for their ability to wake anyone up, and it is the next best alternative after caffeine. Go on and sip on some green tea to boost your energy.
  • Chugging in some sugarless fruit juice is the best way to keep yourself fresh to continue with your work for the next three hours. Preferably lime as its strong acidic properties are helpful in keeping one awake for a long period of time. It is way better than chugging in some coffee in order to boost your energy.
  • Having mini vacations by blinking; increase the number of times you blink when placed in front of a computer screen, instead of taking a nap blinking well let you have a mini vacation. Every time you blink your brain rests for that minute.
  • Surrounding yourself with highly positive people boosts in keeping up your frequency and energy level high. It is sure to get influenced by their energy level and proceed with their mentality, the placebo effect. As the saying goes, “monkey see, monkey do”. This can be considered a psych way to boost one’s energy.

These are the few ways to increase the energy level in you. For further information on the various types of energy boosters click here. Eat healthy and be healthy.


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