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Spices and condiments  are one of the most important components when one sits to cook. Without spices and condiments cooking is totally incomplete. India is the land of spices. The variety of spices is mesmerizing. From the bark of the tree to the dried flower of the plants spices are derived from different sources. Spices and condiments are used differently in different dishes in different forms. In some cases they are used in powdered form, while in other cases they are used in paste or whole forms. The state in which the spices are added depends on the cuisine, the region and the culture in which they are being used.

Kitchen without spices – unimaginable?

Use of spices in the kitchen is known to all. Whether you are preparing Indian or Italian, spices have to be used. The burst of flavours in the mouth are all due to various kinds of spices which are added to the food. Along with adding flavour to food, spices and condiments also add colour and smell to food. It is the look and the smell at first that bring water to our mouth rather than the taste. Saffron is one such spice which adds a beauty hue to the cooked food.

Spices for traditional medicines and beauty treatments

The use of spices is not restricted into the kitchen. Spices and condiments are extensively used in medical laboratories due to their various properties. Each spice has its very own quality. The medicinal qualities of spices have been used to prepare medicine illnesses. Ayurveda and Unani use spices and condiments to make medicines for cough and cold, nausea, sexual illnesses, body ache etc. Beauty products, beauty therapies like aroma therapies are using various spices in different forms to provide beauty services. Various beauty cosmetics too claim of using various spices.

Some of the spices have been listed below along with their uses and benefits

  • Hing(Asafoetida) – used in kitchen when preparing snack food item. Hing is used for curing whooping cough and stomach ache caused due to gas formation.
  • Cinamon (dalchini) - it is used in seasoning of food items. It reduces cholesterol and helps to get rid to ants too.

  • Chilli (lal mirchi) – if you want to set our taste buds of fire Lal mirchi is the name! It also helps fight calories.

  • Cardamon (elaichi)– added for both taste and smell cardamom is used in different sweet dished in India like for kulfi and firni. It also has different pharmaceutical uses. It produces natural insulin in the body.

  • Clove (laung)- when preparing gravy for curries clove is widely used in India kitchen. Clove oil is highly beneficial for tooth ache and gum problems. It also cures cough.
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