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Keeping your baby safe from diseases can prove to be quite difficult since their immune systems and other bodily functions are still developing. And you have to make sure that you provide them with a safe and sound environment to grow in; an environment free of diseases. Follow these simple tips to do your part in keeping your precious one healthy and strong.

  • Nutrition

For the immune system to be in fine condition, you need to make sure that you feed your kid nutrient rich foods. Stock up on all the basic nutrients like vitamins and minerals by giving them natural fruits and vegetables. Include foods made of whole grain, and make sure there’s a lot of protein in your kid’s diet. Fresh juices are an easy way to give your baby a good dose of vitamins. Use fortified cereals and breads so that your baby will get all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system.

  • Carry a hand sanitizer

Hands are gateway for germs and bacteria to enter your baby’s body. You always have to carry a hand sanitizer to clean your baby’s hands regularly. Make sure that the sanitizers you use contain only organic materials so as to protect your baby from any harmful chemicals.

  • Comfortable clothes

It is during the rainy season that diseases are most common among babies. Always make sure you dress your little one in comfortable baby wear so as to protect him from the sudden fluctuations in temperature and humidity during the monsoon. You also need to ensure that all your baby’s clothes are clean and dry; clothes easily retains moisture, which can give rise to fungal infections.

  • Keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes are another main source for dangerous illness. It is highly important that you keep your baby away from these viscous creatures at all costs. There are organic bands and patches available that can ward off mosquitoes the natural way. They don’t require heat or electricity and contain only 100% organic ingredients, which make them perfect for a kid-friendly environment. Citronella oil has a fragrance that tends to repel mosquitoes. You can add it to the water that you use for cleaning your floor to repel those bad boys.

  • Keep them clean and dry

Keeping your baby clean 24x7 should be your top priority to shield them from illnesses. Pay special attention to those creases like underarms, neck, genitals and other folds. These are the places which retain moisture leading to fungal infections. Use clean cotton baby towels to clean them every day.

These are simple facts and measures that will help you protect your baby from diseases and infections. Keep you little one healthy, and stay happy forever. Click here for more organic baby products.


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