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It is really terrifying to even imagine losing one’s mind in later stage of life. Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia often accompanying old age. We cannot do much once Alzheimer’s strikes us in an appalling way, but we can certainly secure ourselves from Alzheimer’s with some simple yet effective and well-researched tips. Here are few –

Get Blood Flow in Ankle Tested

According to a medical fact, poor blood flow in foot arteries may indicate clogged state of arteries or atherosclerosis in cerebral blood vessels. Get yourself tested for ‘ankle-brachial index’ (ABI) test for timely indication.

Intake Antioxidant Foods

Foods like fresh fruits, green vegetables, raisins, black berries or blue berries help in preventing or delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Stimulate your Brain

Shrinking of brain can start at around 40 years of age and can lead to Alzheimer’s. Researchers have opined that brain can be stimulated and less prone to shrinkage by learning newer things and by socializing.

Gorge on Chocolates and Coffee

Chocolates are high on antioxidants named flavanols and shields brain and heart from ageing. Sip hot chocolate daily as it is known to rush blood towards brain. Go for dark chocolate instead of white one for that has negligible flavanols content. Similarly, coffee is a brain-booster with loads of anti-inflammatory properties.  Moderate intake of 2 to 4 cups daily can slow down neuronal death.

Top up OestrogenLevel

Post menopause, when oestrogen hormone starts depleting, brains starts losing its protection. Consult your doctor and top up the diminishing hormone with the help of medicines.

Get Knowledge of ApoE4 gene

25 to 30 percent of population is susceptible to developAlzheimer’s for the presence of a gene named “apolipoprotein E4”. Even if a single variant of this gene is inherited by you, your chance to get Alzheimer’s gets triplicate. Get yourself tested for this gene to secure your time ahead.

Look for Tell-tale Signs

Forgetting things isn’t the first clue to Alzheimer’s. Look for following signs to get aware –

  • Misjudging the distance while walking down the lane
  • Getting confused in reading a map or solving a simple jig-saw puzzle
  • Misplacing things in an odd manner (putting clothes in fridge)
  • Losing sense of smell

Go for Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is very nourishing for brain and saves it from weakening. This diet comprises of leafy veggies, fresh fruits, fish, legumes, nuts, and olive oil. These foods will be delicious for your palate and beneficial for your cerebrum. 

Sleep Soundly

A sound sleep is beneficial for brain. Those who sleep less tend to harm their brain cells and make them prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Calm and a full-span sleep checks the levels of peptide beta-amyloid, a prime brain toxin. If you can’t sleep well, seek treatment at the earliest.

Dental Care

Strange but true that poor dental care poisons our brain. Those who have dental ailments, tend to feed their brains with anti-inflammatory buildup via nerve transfer. So don’t get lazy when it comes to flossing and brushing because now we know how it may help us.

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