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Kidneys are vital organ as they help in elimination of waste and toxic matter from our bodies. It is important to keep kidneys healthy for overall good vitality. Right kind of herbal and organic supplements  are really beneficial in maintaining right filtration of kidneys and in preventing occurrence of acidity or formation of stones. Apart from these it is also important to have good food habits that would always be kind to our kidneys and overall excretory system.

The diet we eat is a significant factor that decides renal health. Here we discuss some food facts that would put lesser load on kidneys, keeping them healthy for longer –

  1. Low Protein Diet

Low proteins are known to keep kidneys healthy. Though protein rich diet is known to keep body nourished, it is suggested to select low protein diet that would include – lean meat like ground beef; low-fat dairy products including eggs; beans & nuts and sea foods.

  1. Balanced Calcium Diet

Right balance of calcium in bodies prevents dialysis. Most of the diary products nourish bodies with good dosage of calcium. However, calcium intake shouldn’t accompany high phosphorus content. So suggested calcium-rich foods are – toned milk, cheeses, spinach, tofu, broccoli, oranges, nuts, flax seeds, juices, soy milk, cinnamon and basil. These foods can be coupled with organic kidney supplements for better results.

  1. Low Potassium Diet

Since we cannot altogether eliminate potassium from our diets, here are some tips to control potassium levels –

  • Consume medium portions of veggies and fruits
  • Always rinse canned veggies and fruits before eating or cooking
  • Replace dairy foods with non-dairy products
  • Avoid artificially flavored salt substitutes
  • Leach veggies before cooking
  1. Medium Fruits Portions

Eat medium portions of following fruits that would be friendly to your kidneys –

  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Oranges
  • Raisins
  1. Low Sodium Diet

Excessive intake of sodium diet builds up fluid inside kidneys and also raises blood pressure. So go for foods that have controlled sodium in them such as –

  • Fresh veggies and fruits
  • Home baked breads
  • Unsalted popcorn
  • Unprocessed and lean meats
  • Pastas

Organic kidney supplements have balanced sodium content in them so they can always be preferred without worrying.

Tips and Suggestions for Healthy Kidneys

  • Regular checkup – Maintain the routine of annual checkup so that any renal issues can be tracked well in time. Never miss out tests namely – Albumin Test and Creatinine Test
  • Controlled Levels – Keep your glucose and blood pressure levels in control or they may cause harm to the network of blood vessels constituting kidneys.
  • Stay Slim – Do not weigh heavy or your kidneys would have to work harder to meet your higher metabolic demands.
  • Diet, Supplements & Exercise – Eat carefully and exercise well to prevent onset of kidney ailments. Always choose organic kidney supplements for their herbal and quality composition.
  • Fewer painkillers – Frequent consumption of painkillers make kidneys work harder for they have to break down the composition of these medicines and then filter them. So avoid eating these.

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