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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is linked to numerous health benefits.An organic breakfast ensures that the body and the brain gets the necessary energy to function normally. It also helps boost memory and increases your ability to concentrate. Breakfast foods give the body the right amount of calcium, vitamins and proteins that are required by the body throughout the day. Apart from this, having a healthy organic breakfast helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduces your exposure to harmful pesticides.

Foods to include in your organic breakfast diet

  • Nuts:

An organic breakfast diet should always contain a handful of nuts. These can be Brazilian nuts or walnuts or even almonds. Nuts provide almost all the nutrients required by the body in the form of fiber, proteins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants. Making nuts a part of your breakfast will decrease cholesterol levels in the body and thus reduce the risk of heart diseases.

  • Oatmeal:

Organic oatmeal is one of the most common breakfast foods while following an organic diet. Oatmeal not only fills your stomach up but is also high in Beta Glucan, a fiber that effectively reduces cholesterol. It also contains lignan which protects the body against heart diseases. An extremely important advantage of oatmeal is that it helps build the immunity system and thus fights bacteria. Oatmeal is considered to be a diet food as it has a very low calorie content.

  • Fresh fruit:

Nothing is as healthy as fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is a source of many vitamins especially Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They also contain potassium and phytochemicals which has other added health benefits. Most fruits contain folic acid in them which helps form the red blood cells required by the body. It also controls birth defects. The antioxidants present in fresh fruit reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

  • Green tea:

For those people who start their day with tea, green tea is a perfect organic alternative. Green tea not only helps you shed a few extra kilos, it also improves brain development and functioning. Green tea is said to be loaded with antioxidants that are extremely beneficial to the body. It also contains bioactive components which can increase the overall well being of your body. The free radicals present in green tea also slow down the ageing process to a great extent.

Thus, by consuming certain organic foods for breakfast, you can get a flattering body that you wanted all along and at the same time, be healthy and happy. For more wonderful organic products, click right here.


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