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Hand washing is the first step to hygiene education. It is important because it helps keep away many of the germs that cause common form of infection such as cold and common flu. Serious sickness can be prevented by continued use. Moreover, it should be taught to kids seriously as a practice after playing in the dirt or using the bathroom. It could be very hard to make kids understand the need, necessity and benefits of hand washing. It is even harder to teach them how to wash their hands on their own.

Tell them it is a Game

Games have been used to impart pre-school education since ancient times. When children are allowed to look at any activity as a play or a game, they become more entranced by it and will improve their involvement in that particular activity. This game should be announced at specific time of the day like morning, afternoon, evening and night. It could also be announced whenever kids dirty their hands. When the tradition is carried on for a week or a month, children get used to it and will begin to play the hand washing game on their own.

Make it Special

Children are more attracted towards things which are specially created for them. The hand washing activity can be made more special by giving children their own hand washing soaps, disinfectants, scrubbers, towels and wash basins. Decorate that area with images of any of their favorite cartoon character. If possible, find an image where the character itself is washing the hands and endorsing that activity to your kid. Set a reward system by giving kids more time for play, allow them to play their favorite games or tell them a good story whenever they wash their hands regularly.

Use Glitters

Glittering children’s hands will give them a visual representation of the presence of germs in their hands. Ask the children to wash their hands until all the glitter is gone. Since it is not very easy to get the glitter off without washing hands properly, children will get a proper exercise into good hand washing practice. Glitter can be applied or transferred to your kid via a shake hand, which will be a lesson in transfer of germs from one person to another.

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