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It is winter time and mercury is dropping at a swift rate. Fever, sore throat, congestion, cough, tiredness are the list can go on are many common symptoms that can arise thus alarming one that sickness is just round the corner. With government emphasizing on not using over the counter drugs anymore for treating cough and cold, you are left to turn to those natural ways of dealing with winter cough and cold.

Listed below are some easy solutions which are readily available at home for you:

  1. Garlic – Let’s break the myth that garlic can only be used to scare vampires! These little white pods are actually great in treating a lot of diseases easily at home as they are packed with antioxidants.
    • Tip 1: Take 4-5 garlic cloves, one lemon and two tomatoes and make a juice of these for drinking purpose.
    • Tip 2: Prepare tomato soup adding garlic cloves and rock salt.
    • Tip 3: Take 3-4 garlic cloves, cumin seeds, thymol seeds and sauté them in mustard oil. Let this mixture cool don. Filter and apply this oil on the soul of your feet every night. This will generate heat in your body to help fight bacteria.

  2. Turmeric – Turmeric has therapeutic and protective qualities to fight symptoms of cold and cough. 
    • Tip 1: You feel that mild irritation in your throat which is the beginning that you may have bad throat soon. Add turmeric to warm milk and this will prevent the infection from worsening.
    • Tip 2: Mixture of water, turmeric powder, honey and lemon has great medicinal value. Prepare this tea and consume it effectively treat cold. Adding tulsi increases the natural value of this mixture.

  3. Herbal Tea – Combination of various herbs in form of tea helps fight cold and cough as the collective medicinal value comes into effect.
    • Tip 1: Take some black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and honey in water. Let this mixture boil for some time on a low flame. Consume this warm tea after filtering it.
    • Tip 2: Take some tulsi leaves and boil it in water. Strain the mixture and add lemon drops to it. Tulsi along with lemon which has vitamin C helps the body fight against cold.
    • Tip 3: Neem and honey mixture prepared by boiling in water has medicinal value. Gargle with this water and see how you get relieved from cough.

  4. Oil of oregano – It is best suitable for treating nasal congestion caused due to cold. Add few drops of this to a diffuser or vaporizer and spread the dosage throughout the day. You can also try putting drops under your tongue and then having a glass of water.

  5. Vitamin C – Vitamin C has been left un-explored to treat cold. But yes, eating fruits like oranges or using lemon juice which is rich in vitamin C helps fight cold.

These are easy home-based solutions which can be prepared at home. In today’s life when everyone is running around rapidly, preparing these remedies may be time consuming. But natural ways are the best healing ways. Joy by nature brings to you the goodness of all these natural products in a ready form for immediate consumption and relief.

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