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The food we eat today is many times hybrid; grown to feed the needs of the bulging population. This food lacks the strength that naturally grown food has; thus resulting in our bodies not receiving complete nourishments. This leads to a weakened immune system; which is hazardous to health as we are exposed to risk of diseases due to viruses, bacteria and much more in the environment.

A good way to keep our immune system healthy is to consume organic food which provides the required nourishments to the body. A few organic foods for boosting immunity are listed below.

Wheat Grass:

Wheat grass is believed to not only detox and cleanse the body; but it also helps combat chronic diseases like cancer, anaemia, ulcers etc. Wheat grass contains all amino acids; contains Vitamins A, B, C, E, I and K, all minerals and also is a very rich source of protein. It helps in building blood; slows down the aging process, has anti bacterial properties, is beneficial in skin diseases and much more.


Cranberries are believed to prevent Urinary Tract Infections thus helping in combat infections of Kidney. Rich in antioxidants Cranberries are also useful in prevention of cancer, boosting of the immune system and reducing blood pressure.

Grape Seed:

Grape Seed has antioxidant properties and thus is used for anti aging. But its benefits don’t stop here. It is antiallergic prevents body from developing allergies. It is also a anti histamine and an anti inflammatory ingredient while also boosting the immune system at the same time. Its uses include treatment of osteoporosis, boost blood circulation, aids in cancer treatment, improves concentration etc.


Different varieties of Ginseng are used all over the world by millions of people. It primarily boosts the immune system along with having uses in treatment of Cold, Flu, Heart Ailments, ADHD, Cancer, Neuro disorders, Erectile Dysfunction, Mental Performance, Menopausal Symptoms etc.


A very potent Ayurvedic herb, Ashwagandha protects and boosts immunity, helps to reduce sugar levels, has anti-inflammatory function, helps in slowing mental and physical aging process. It has also been used and proved useful in thyroid disorders, endocrine disorders, central nervous system disorders, cardiac system disorders and fertility issues in Men.


Tulsi is heralded as a very important herb in Ayurveda and is seen in almost every Hindu household in India due its medicinal and religious importance. Effective in the treatment of cold and flu; it also acts as a preventive medicine for swine flu. It helps strengthen the immune system and helps in the treatment of diabetes, heart ailments, skin ailments, stress management, kidney stones, cancer, respiratory conditions etc.

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