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It is a known fact that Indians are considered to be the die-hard fans of tea. A hot cup of perfect tea along with the newspaper is just what needed in the morning. At least two times a day, it is to be included in their meals. Many artificial teas are there in the market establishing them as best sellers owing to the attractive advertisements and high prices. But what is expensive is not always good in quality also. They contains chemical compound to produce the artificial nutrients and high amounts of harmful substances to give the required taste. Thus, they are extremely harmful for daily consumption. Switching to organic tea is the best alternative. Another option is to consume other different teas which have their different nutritional value owing to its rich ingredients. If we talk of organic tea, it is purely natural having a high source of vitamins and minerals. Specifically, the organic black tea is known for its high medicinal value and great health benefits. It is good for a heart, maintaining the cholesterol levels, curing the intestinal disorders. Many other benefits are also there.

Different types of teas

  • Green Tea

Green tea has now become a trendy drink due to its many weight loss reviews. One of the important source of weight loss, girls are grabbing it more and more. Popularity of green tea seems to be increased because of its good herbal properties as well. The green tea is prepared from the leaves of the plant where the leaves are simply withered and then dried or roasted. Thus, the beneficial compounds of the plants remain intact which helps in protection of breast, lung, stomach and also cure pancreatic cancers. Green tea prevents clogging of arteries too.

  • Tulsi Tea

Tulsi is one of the ancient herbs well-known for its promising medicinal values healing many problems and scars over the body. This herb is known to be very powerful for any disease to be cured. Owing to its rich herbal qualities the tulsi tea has many benefits making the morning more beautiful and filling the body with energy. It can offer a huge list of benefits which includes strengthening of immunity system, supporting the respiratory health, calming the stressful mind, keeping the digestive system healthier, maintaining the blood sugar levels, and a powerful anti-oxidant against the radicals. Tulsi Tea is thus, quite drink as it contains the sacred herb.

  • Lemon Tea

Holding a cup of lemon tea is just the right track headed by any individual. Adding ginger to it is just like the cherry on top of the cake. Healthy day should start with a healthy drink and that is what lemon tea is. A lemon tea early in the morning rejuvenates the body giving it the soothing effect and filling up energy for the whole day. It makes our immunity system strong enough to fight with stressful situations and simultaneously lowers the risk of diabetes problems. It also replenishes the skin and gives a glowing touch to it and also cures the hairfall problem. Having so many benefits, the lemon tea is really advantageous for health and so should be adopted for betterment.

There are many other different teas like the ginger tea, masala tea, white tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea and many more. All these teas are rich in vitamins and minerals and an ideal source of anti-oxidants required to fight the germs. Making the right choice of organic tea is in our hands and we have to intelligent enough to choose the healthiest. Apart from the medicinal values, the tastes of all the teas is equally rejuvenating to the artificial ones and much more. Therefore, drink organic tea and be fit.


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