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When we talk about fruits, the first thing we think of is sweet, bright, watery objects hanging on the tree branches. Apples, oranges, watermelon, banana wait! What about sour fruits? Well, since they are sour, they are not ripe and hence, not edible. Not always. There are fruits that not always bright and sweet, still edible. The irony is, these fruits are considered few of the most medicinal and nutrient rich fruits. Don’t believe me? I will give you some examples lemons and Indian gooseberries. Both of these fruits are very medicinal in nature and are used to treat a lot of ailments. Today we will talk about Indian gooseberries. Indian Gooseberries, also known as amla is being used in India as an alternative medicine in Ayurveda for centuries. Here are few medicinal benefits and uses of amla.


1. Good Gastric System


Often doctors or dietitians suggest us to eat protein rich food to lose weight or to maintain lean weight. It’s not only because our muscles are made of protein, the other reason is the enzymes that our body secretes while digestion breaks down the proteins molecules into amino acids which reassemble them into usable proteins for our body. This activity boosts our metabolism, aids digestion and thus is very beneficial for our gastric system. It is also very rich source of dietary fiber which provides the body with roughage which again aids digestion. Apart from being a water rich fruit it is also diuretic in nature i.e. it aids urination thus helping to flush out all the toxins from the body. Mixing Two tablespoons of amla juice in warm water and drinking it early in the morning is the best way to boost your metabolism.


2. Healthy Heart


Amla reduces the cholesterol from the body which reduces the blockage and inflammation on our veins. This regulates the blood circulation in the body. The iron content in amla promotes red blood cell count in the body thus treats anemia. Its antioxidants and nutrients also reduce the chances of stroke and heart attack.


3. Happy Hair


Amla is being used as a hair care product for a long time. It enhances hair growth, by strengthening the roots. It also maintains hair color while adding a shine and luster to your hair. Being a rich source of iron, antioxidant and Vitamin C, it helps in cleansing the scalp and reduces hair fall by fighting free radicle. Eating Indian gooseberries are beneficial but along with it, directly applying amla paste to your hair or dried amla powder will also give you great results. You can also use the amla hair care products available in the market in the form of shampoo and oil.


4. Enlightened Eyes


Lack of Vitamin A in the body causes eye related diseases like nearsightedness, night blindness, etc. Along with Vitamin C, amla is also a rich source of Vitamin A, which is used to treat eyesight related problems. Drinking amla juice along with honey improves eyesight. It treats cataract and nearsightedness.


5. Sour To Sugar


Indian gooseberries contain chromium which stimulates the hormones to secrete insulin in the body. This in turn helps to reduce and regulate the blood sugar level which helps to convert the glucose into energy which does not plunge or suddenly shoot up the blood sugar level. For best results, include alma in your diet. You can also consume it in the form of pickle. Amla pickle is tasty and healthy.


6. Flawless Face




As we know that amla is a rich source of antioxidants it helps to fight free radicles, thus it combats the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Another way in which amla is beneficial for skin is being rich in Vitamin C, it tones the skin. It reduces pigmentation and even tones the skin and that is why replacing your regular cream with an amla fortified cream is beneficial for your skin.


You might want to pass the sour (unreachable) grapes, but no matter how hard you have to try, never miss the opportunity of savoring sour amla.


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