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With the rise in junk and fast food consumption, and the possible cooperation of increased stress and other lifestyle states, the modern man has suffered greatly in the digestive system. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation are fairly common problems these days, and it’s happening to the young. The realization that junk food played a huge role in obesity has been known for some time but the response to that epidemic has formed only very recently; the diet and lifestyle factors that have contributed to digestive problems are similarly understood but the response isn’t quite as present.

Obviously, the food you eat plays the biggest role in determining the health of your digestive system. Some foods are must-eats, which not only aid your digestion but offer many other benefits as well. There are also certain changes you can implement in your life that will greatly soothe the upset belly, changes that will bring relatively quick relief. It’s a combination of these two that will fix your digestive system up properly.

We’ll begin with a list of foods that will do your digestive good, after which we’ll offer some tips on lifestyle changes. Pay good heed to them!

  1. Curd

A very common household ingredient in India, yogurt is a fabulous recommendation for a trouble stomach and is the first one that’s usually offered. It doesn’t just offer a great soothing effect, it also contains bacteria that are very important for the proper functioning of your gut. Probiotic yogurt is especially healthy.

  1. Apples

Apples, a very popular fruit, contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, so they’re good to eat whether or not you’ve got intestinal problems. However, they also contain bacteria which benefit your stomach. That old saying that said an apple a day keeps the doctor away is absolutely right.

  1. Water

While technically not a food, water is critical in maintaining good digestive health. You might have heard how fiber is good for your bowel movements (more on that in a minute), but it needs water to help it along. Many people don’t drink adequate amount of water and, water being something that so universally necessary, acclimatize their health all-round.

  1. Bananas

The next fruit on the list is the banana, a delicious fruit when eaten by itself or as an ingredient in another dish. Banana contains lots of fiber - apart from providing countless other health benefits - so it is a great choice if you suffer from constipation. A banana a day, along with a little more fiber from other sources, will be more than enough to rescue you from constipation.

  1. Oatmeal
  2.  Brown Rice and Quinoa

These three food items are underrated and, in our opinion, not well known enough. They can cover a great portion of your daily nutritional requirements. In fact, they’re so nutritious that we think at least one of these items should be on everybody’s daily meal plans. But what makes them so beneficial?

You’ve got the foods you need. Now here are some lifestyle changes you should make:

  1. Exercise

Exercise has been championed so much by so many that we’re surprised it isn’t being carried out by more. It reduces the risk of coronary disease by 35% and type 2 diabetes by 50%, which is remarkable. Exercise is also known to aid digestion, so get the exercise gear out!

  1. Skip The Junk

It should come as no surprise that junk food, like French fries and chips, hamper your digestive ability. Many studies have proven how junk and fast food can permanently destroy your stomach’

s ability to process food. Apart from this damage, they also adversely affect your heart and the blood sugar levels in the body. Do yourself a favour and avoid the junk.

  1. Eat Regularly

For healthy, consistent bowel movements, you’ll have to eat regularly. Skipping a meal occasionally can make awry your digestive system.

These foods and lifestyle changes can go a long way in improving your health.





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