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There are plenty of elements that make up a good diet: protein, carbs, minerals, vitamins and fluids. Each of these elements serves many purposes and all are essential parts of a diet. The lack of any one element can have severe ramifications for the body.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to get more energy from your diet, what sources of food you can obtain this energy from and a general diet you can follow that’ll give you the energy you need for the day.

You know that the energy your body needs comes from the foods and drink you consume. Almost all the foods we eat give us some energy, but our main sources come from a few of the different elements of diet we mentioned earlier. While getting a sufficient amount of energy is necessary, too much of the sources of energy will affect your body negatively. Everything in moderation, as always.

Because many people don’t meet the daily energy requirements, more energy is better. However, consult a medical expert before you begin a complete overhaul of your diet pattern. Some illnesses may restrict changes in your diet, so it’s best to be safe.

What Gives You Energy

We get the majority of our energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Carbs are our primary source of energy and the body turns to proteins and fats when our carbohydrate sources have run dry. For the Indian, the major carbohydrate sources are rice and rotis. We eat this every day and it supplies us with the required energy. If you’ve wondered what metabolism exactly is, it’s when your body breaks down your food sources into energy and other substances that are needed for the body.

More than protein and fats, you should be looking towards carbs for your energy. Carbohydrates are divided into two categories: simplex and complex, both of which are eventually broken down into sugar. Complex carbs are better, because they contain fiber, which keeps the digestive system working smoothly and promotes healthy bowel movements. They also regulate the blood sugar levels in your body, which is a great benefit, especially for diabetics. Many simple carbs cause your blood sugar levels to spike, which is no good at all for your body. Such dietary consumption can eventually lead to diabetes.

Another good thing about taking in complex carbs is that they give you the feeling of fullness, because they take some time to digest. This makes it less likely that you’ll break into the snack cupboard for some in-between meals munching. Weight watchers will find complex carbs to be a real blessing.


So you know that complex carbohydrates should be you main source of your energy needs. They offer many more benefits, making it all the more important that it feature more in your diet. Where can you get these complex carbs though?

For the Indian, the first place to turn to for complex carbs is Brown Rice and oatmeal. Both of these items are incredibly healthy and rich in energy. Since brown rice is a substitute for the regular white rice, we recommend you put it onto your plate for at least one meal in a day.

Quinoa is a slightly more exotic carb source that you can try. Like brown rice and Oatmeal, it is very nutritious.

What You Should Avoid

As for what you should avoid, stay away from simple carbohydrates like syrups, candies, sodas and other sources that are essentially just sugar. These can wreck your body in the long run. While a little won’t do too much damage, it’s better to avoid them all together. You can always find the offerings of simple carbs in some other sources.

There you have it. You now know of a few good sources of energy that you can immediately incorporate into your diet. The body needs its energy to function properly. If you don’t give yourself enough, you’ll quickly end up tired and fazed.


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