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If you look around yourself, you will see that you are surrounded by oils, different kinds of oil coming from a variety of sources, vegetables, seeds, nuts, dry fruits, flowers. We usually think oil is not good for our health, but the fact is oil is very essential part of our lives. They are very necessary for good health. Each oil has a different and important place in our live. Today we will talk about one such oil, almond oil. As you know it comes from a very rich and healthy dry fruit: almond, so it kind of implies that something that has a healthy source must be healthy in itself. Bingo! You are correct. Though I am of the firm opinion that all oils are healthy and useful, but Almond Oil is altogether a different case. It has multiple uses and is beneficial for our body in many ways.

1. Memory: It is a general custom in India to soak almonds in water or milk overnight and consume them next morning . This process enhances your memory and alerts your body and mind. But did you know, almond oil also improves memory and strength the nervous system, when regularly consumed with a glass of milk. So just in case, you forgot to soak the almonds overnight, don
t fret over it, just add a few drops of almond oil in your childs milk and he/she is good to go. Alternative, massaging the head with almond oil is also believed to sharpen a persons memory.

2. Hair: A regular head massage with almond oil improves the blood circulation at the scalp, giving your hair healthy roots, thus you get long, healthy, black, soft and lustrous hair. Since it carries anti-inflammatory properties it reduces the scalp inflammation. The head massage helps to remove the dead skin from the scalp, thus it also fights dandruff. You can also use almond oil as a leave-in conditioner. A massage with almond oil on eyelids result into long, curly eyelashes. Now you know that almond oil is not good only for your head and hair, it also works wonders on eyelashes, still going for those fake eye lashes?

3. Skin: Almond oil is a powerhouse of various vitamins like Vitamin A, E which is very essential for skin health. It is of great use for moisturising the skin. Our skin quickly absorbs almond oil as soon as it is applied without blocking the skin pores, it also constantly renews the skin cells. It tightens and brightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Almond oil also helps to reduce dark circles shadowing your eyes and soothes the delicate skin by removing the puffiness on the eyes. Almond oil reduces inflammation itching and redness on the skin thus soothing the skin problems like dry skin, chapped lips, eczema and psoriasis. Since almond oil is not greasy and opens the pores immediately, it doubles as a makeup remover. Why buy those various creams with harmful chemicals when our good old almond oil can do everything on itself.

4. Nails: A massage of almond oil on your cuticles help to prevent brittle nails. If your nails chip off easily, it is advisable that you regularly apply almond oil on your nails and pretty soon you will grown healthy and long nails. Now tell me, do you really need that nail strengthening cream, or you are convinced that using almond oil would give you better results?

5. Heart: Almond oil is rich in folic acid, unsaturated fats and protein (of course! It comes from a nut) They are very good to maintain cardiac health. Almond oil is high in potassium content and low with sodium, which helps to maintain cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

Who would have thought that few drops extracted from this small dry fruit would be so useful and beneficial to us human beings? To know this oil better, click here.


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