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A recent research study carried out in Spain enumerates the benefits of Organic Olive Oil in Diabetes control. , Numerous studies have been carried out since then on Organic Olive Oil and its numerous health benefits.   No wonder, the market for Organic Olive Oil has increased by leaps and bounds.Why Diabetes is a Silent Killer According to major population studies, diabetes is a disease that mainly affects people in the developed countries and has unfortunately gained its position on the chronic disease scale as the sixth most common cause of death among people, irrespective of age. While Diabetes is known to occur due to improper levels of insulin in the blood, it triggers a series of ailments that slowly affect the heart, kidneys, eyes and the whole system. Diabetes can affect children, adults and old people and it is known to be a lifestyle related chronic disease. The medical community unanimously agrees that Diabetes can be controlled and prevented by judicious regulation of lifestyle choices. In this context, Organic Olive Oil is one of the major diet related choices suggested by dieticians, nutritionists, doctors and scientists alike.

How Organic Olive Oil Helps?

Organic Olive Oil helps people suffering from Diabetes by preventing insulin resistance, which is the root cause of Diabetes and its progression. The action of Organic Olive Oil on the body in the prevention, control and reversal of Diabetes Mellitus is rather holistic, affecting major organ systems interacting with the mechanism of insulin control. Organic Olive Oil is a major mediator for reducing the amount of bad cholesterol and raising levels of High density cholesterol in the body. In this way, Organic Olive Oil lowers blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure. In effect, Organic Olive Oil is able to create a sense of well-being on the entire human system. The most important benefit from Organic Olive Oil that plays a major role in the reversal process of Diabetes Mellitus is by limiting resistance to insulin, thus increasing insulin sensitivity. In this way, the holistic healing that comes from purely extracted Olive oil from organically grown olives restores system function, as opposed to fixing superficial symptoms.

The action of common medications available for controlling diabetes is most commonly by way of replacing insulin and making it available through artificial means for the body to use it. This becomes essential when the body is no longer able to produce or absorb and use the insulin for utilization of glucose. However, this mechanism does not heal from the inside and is bound to produce side effects. When people affected with Diabetes no longer control their diet and lifestyle, the silent killer Diabetes is able to sabotage the effect of medication that treat only the symptoms and not the cause. In contrast, when Organic Olive Oil functions at root level, it is able to have a much more profound impact due to its action of increasing insulin sensitivity. In this way, Diabetes is not just controlled but also reversed. Organic Olive Oil not just works at the root of Diabetes, but also supports related aspects of disease control and promotes the health of the heart, nervous system, circulatory system and sense organs. In effect, a regular diet with Organic Olive Oil at the core is able to control, prevent and reverse the devastating effects of Diabetes Mellitus and the huge array of ailments that accompany it.

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