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The arrival of Lord Ganesha in our homes unofficially marks the start of the festive season, and this year promises to be another fun-filled joyous one. And one of our favourite festivals, the biggest and brightest one, celebrated by all, is Diwali. 

Starting with Dhanteras, and culminating with Bhau-Beej, Diwali is one of the largest celebrations that’s common across the country, and is also celebrated in other Asian countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Myanmar. While the festivities typically last five days, the preparation for them starts well in advance, right from the house being cleaned from top to bottom, to a shopping bonanza for you, your family, friends and loved ones. 

Typically, your list would include new clothes and accessories, beauty products, food items, mithai and dry fruits, décor items for your house, gift packs for your near and dear ones, among other things. And it’s a fabulous experience to sit back and indulge in all that Diwali brings. 

This year, though, why not do the same things with an added healthy twist? Instead of choosing products made from artificial substances and filled with harmful chemicals that come with the dangerous possibility of having adverse effects on your health, why not choose to go natural this year! This Diwali, choose products that are made with care from natural substances and are free from harmful chemicals. 

We, Indians, love eating, and shopping for food is high on our priorities list. This year, keep those post-festival kilos off, and avoid long bills from the doctor by eating right while still satisfying your taste buds. Choose from a variety of dry fruits and berries that satiate your sweet cravings and are power-packed with nutrients extremely beneficial for you. Serve your guests healthy snacks and cookies that are bursting with both flavor and health. Go a step further and treat yourself to some organic teas, coffee and honey that are made with the purest of ingredients. 

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Indulge yourself this Diwali and treat your body to a wide variety of beauty and wellness products, that will not just make you glow from the outside but will also rejuvenate you and ensure you’re prepped and looking and feeling your best this festive season. Get the benefits of massage and aroma therapies in the comfort of your home with fragrant essential oils like grapeseed and geranium, and get soft supple skin with natural products that will banish your acne and blemishes.

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Our homes are an extension of ourselves, and are spruced up to look their best. Upgrade your home this Diwali by giving it a quick makeover that’ll last way beyond the festive season. For example, you could add a colourful lamp to your drawing room that will instantly change the look of that space. And while you’re at it, add some light to your house as well – While diyas are part of our tradition, candles are quite the rage these days. Take the holistic route by choosing natural candles made from beeswax that not just provide a warm glow to your home, but also prevent headaches and allergies since they are soot and smoke free. These candles come with the added benefit of relaxing scents that are in line with the ancient science of aromatherapy designed to soothe your senses and distress you. 

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Diwali Home Decor

And last, but definitely not the least, Diwali is about sharing some love and light, and gifts are exchanged after the puja on the main day of Diwali. Give your loved ones the promise of health and wellness in the form of products that are made from natural ingredients like essential oils, and the extracts of plants and herbs. Choose from combinations of bath products like soaps and shower gels, skin and facial care treatments, and candles enriched with nutrients and scents that are sure to have your family and friends thanking you for a long time! 

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This Diwali, choose natural over artificial and let good health light up your life!


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