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Organic Aloe vera has been known for its great healing properties for over five hundred years. Aloe vera is especially well absorbed by women and is a proven healer for many conditions and chronic ailments occurring in women due to various toxins absorbed into the body from the harsh environment or diseases related to ageing and improper metabolism. For most women, these conditions tend to affect them more profoundly as they age and a natural cleanser like Organic Aloe vera can work inside out to rid the system of potential toxins and restore complete women health.

While Organic Aloe vera works equally well internally and externally, with its innumerable benefits, the mode of action of Organic Aloe vera gel, owing to external application alone are innumerable and deep. Organic Aloe vera has Vitamin E and C and hormones that aid in wound healing, soothing skin, reducing itching and moisturizing it. It is loaded with antioxidants that fight ageing. Equipped with its enormous detox potential, Organic Aloe vera is a great and probably the best and most complete external and internal agent, well suited for regular use. Organic Aloe vera, which is also known as “Kumari” in Sanskrit is considered as the miracle plant for treating and naturally detoxifying women and restoring overall health and wellness.

Organic Aloe Vera for Skin Rejuvenation

Organic Aloe vera has high vitamin and mineral content, niacin and hormones that act incredibly well to rejuvenate and restore skin to its original supple condition. It is the best and safest skin repair system which, while moisturizing, also treats minor fungal infections, cuts and wounds and creates a supple texture, when used regularly.

Most skin experts incorporate Organic Aloe vera gel into their regular routine of scrubs, facial masks and body sprays for stunning results in their health and beauty routine. Organic Aloe vera smoothes and softens skin, moisturizes and hydrates it like no other skin cream.

Organic Aloe Vera for Wound Healing and Age Defying

Organic Aloe vera gel boosts healing from minor cuts and wounds in the skin. It helps women deal effectively with stretch marks post pregnancy and retards ageing due to the antioxidants presents in the Aloe vera gel.  Organic Aloe vera fights germs through its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Aloe vera gel can heal bites from insects and bugs, burns and scratches and is effective in fighting the drying and skin damaging effects of psoriasis.

It has hormones that directly work on the skin surface to reduce inflammation and the vitamins and minerals present in the Organic Aloe vera gel work effectively on the skin to make it more supple and younger looking. Aloe vera has collagen that helps control sagging of skin, especially during middle age, thus restores skin elasticity.

Organic Aloe Vera for Detoxifying the Colon and Restoring Body Balance

Organic Aloe vera can be consumed internally with or without dilution with distilled water, and helps detoxify the colon and intestines by way of its natural properties of absorbing toxic substances in the intestines, that stay there for years and continue to release their toxic wastes in blood, thus disturbing normal flow of energy in the body. Women often tend to fall prey to a number of chronic conditions due to the toxins that accumulate in their digestive tract, and are released in into the system, thus affecting overall health. Organic Aloe vera gel, when consumed internally on a regular basis helps eliminate all toxins that accumulate in the gastric tract and also helps rid the body of water. This ensures proper elimination of wastes that tend to hold themselves inside the body for an extended period of time due to water retention. Women feel more active and abound in wellness after consuming Aloe vera gel for the stipulated time period, based on professional advice.

Organic Aloe Vera for Women’s’ Hormonal Balance and Painless Menstrual Cycle

Women go through a lot of irritable and painful episodes starting from onset of their menstruation, through hormonal changes that affect their body, to painful menstruation every month during their periods. Organic Aloe vera gel, has the hormones, vitamins and minerals and numerous healing agents, that work in unison to relieve their bodies from the painful episodes during menstruation and restore overall body balance. This includes natural healing of accompanying symptoms like pain in the low back, bloating of the stomach and abdominal cavity, excessive tiredness and pain during periods.

In addition, Organic Aloe vera gel also potentially combats respiratory problems, white discharge, pain in the breasts, vaginal infections and relieves stress and anxiety, often resulting from hormonal imbalance and external factors.


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