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The detoxifying potential of Organic Honey has been known for centuries. Organic Honey is known to act on all body systems and its subtle action of healing helps the body get rid of harmful substances that affect the body, mind and soul and prevent proper energy flow inside the body. Organic Honey contains a rich combination vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates. It is free from cholesterol, sodium or fat, hence eliminates the possibility of adding any substances that might delay the natural healing mechanism within your body. Due to this chemical composition, honey has  been used both externally and internally, since time immemorial to trigger the body’s natural healing process and restore subtle energy flow within the entire system.

Organic Honey Can Alleviate Painful Episodes of Cough and Cold

Organic Honey is a great agent in getting rid of painful episodes of persistent coughing, especially in young children. As parents, we are continually concerned about the night long episodes of coughing often faced by children who are frequently affected by cold and flu. Organic Honey, which is pure and free from additives, can be an unmatched agent to protect the throat and activate the right areas in the nervous system that prevent the throat from triggering cough again and again. In general, it can treat common cold and flu and prevent or heal the upper respiratory tract, which is commonly affected by cold and flu.

The True Power of Memory can be Realized by Regular Consumption of Organic Honey

Organic Honey contains antioxidants that prevent free radicals from accelerating the ageing process, which also includes loss of short-term memory. The loss of cells, vitamins, minerals and calcium in the body and their depletion in the brain reduces memory power and diminishes intellectual abilities in the brain. The healing power of Organic Honey can reverse this cell damage and restore efficient functioning of the brain within a short period of time. Organic Honey is known to work even better than hormones in the process of boosting memory power.

Organic Honey Relieves Stress in the Mind and Body and Promotes Deep Sleep and Restful Periods of Rejuvenation

Organic Honey is known to distress the body by way of re-regulating the hormonal action in the body and the brain. Organic Honey also regulates insulin production in the body, which in turn affects several other chemicals and hormones that have a direct effect on your sleeping and waking cycle. Extended consumption of Organic Honey over a period of time restores sleep and ensures restful periods of deep sleep. This in turn rejuvenates your body, making it a powerhouse of energy and wellness.

Wounds, Cuts and Inflammation Can be Counteracted with the Use of Organic Honey

Organic Honey is known for its antibacterial action. When applied locally to minor cuts and wounds, Organic Honey, which is pure and rich in antibacterial properties as well as skin healing agents can kill bacteria effectively and prevent further infection. Organic Honey also controls inflammation of the skin and internal organs and is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, both internally, as well as externally.

Organic Honey is a Great Conditioner for Hair and Scalp and Helps Treat the Most Stubborn Forms of Dandruff

Studies have shown that when Organic Honey is diluted with water and applied to the scalp, badly affected by dandruff, it has the potential to control the scaling and itching that arises from the irritating and often painful condition of the skin on the scalp. Organic Honey, with its anti-inflammatory properties can effectively treat and soothe painful skin conditions of the scalp, and reduce itching and redness from inflammation, when used as a conditioner. This includes even complex skin ailments like psoriasis and seborrhea dermatitis. Patients suffering from these painful skin conditions have often reported relief within a short period, even less than a week, when their skin healed, and scaling and itching reduced considerably. Further, their symptoms of hair loss and irritability and dryness of the scalp were also greatly reduced. What was more encouraging is that the patients did not experience any reoccurrence of their symptoms even after they stopped treatment. In other words, the healing effects of Organic Honey were in place even after discontinuation of this alternative therapy and their body was permanently healed owing to the fact that the symptoms did not return even after six months of discontinuing therapy.


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