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From a very young age, we are told that green, leafy vegetables are incredibly good for our health. But as every child knows, most of these vegetables don’t taste that good. As a result, we crib and cry and refuse to eat them and in turn relinquish the nutritional benefits that these vegetables provide. A lot of times, this aversion to green vegetables is carried into adulthood and we still cling to our childish notion that taste should come before nutrition.

One such vegetable which is much maligned due to its taste is karela or bitter gourd. You know a vegetable doesn’t taste good when it has the word ‘bitter’ in its name, but bear with us. If you are one of those adults who don’t like its taste or you want your child to experience its goodness, there is another alternative in the form of Karela Extract Capsules. These contain the richness of karela but without the hassle of eating it. And to convince you that it is a great idea to try it out, here is a list of health benefits that the humble bitter gourd can provide to your body:-

  1. It is a great aid for diabetic patients

Bitter gourd has been prescribed to diabetic patients for many years in Indian and Chinese medicine systems. But now that greater understanding has been reached about the disease and its causes, we are in a better position to understand just how useful bitter gourd can be to diabetic patients.

Diabetic patients have trouble in absorbing appropriate amounts of sugar in their cells due to a lack of insulin or due to an increased resistance to insulin. As a result their sugar levels can become dangerously high. Bitter gourd has the amazing property of providing a natural insulin substitute to your body in the form of a phytonutrient known as polypeptide P. This phytonutrient imitates insulin’s action and naturally helps your body absorb sugar. It also activates kinase, a protein that regulates sugar absorption of sugar, thereby regulating sugar levels twofold!

  1. It greatly boosts your body’s immunity

Bitter gourd is well-known for reinforcing the strength of your body and ensuring it doesn’t fall prey to illnesses and infections. It has rich doses of vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for keeping your body’s defences up. Moreover, it exhibits very potent anti-viral behaviour which means that it activates antibodies that can seek out and destroy pesky viral infections. Regular intake of bitter gourd therefore can keep colds, coughs and the flu at bay.

  1. It is good for digestion and weight loss

Bitter gourd can be very helpful to people who are plagued by digestive problems. It is chock full of dietary fiber which helps the food move through the alimentary canal with ease and aids in proper digestion. Moreover, it also has the capacity to destroy worms that crop up in the intestines and protect you from their harmful effects.

For those looking to lose or control their weight, bitter gourd is a great addition to the diet. It is very low on calories and the fiber makes you feel full so you don’t binge on junk food. In addition to this, it also promotes the release of bile acids which help to metabolise the accumulated fat in the body, thus helping shed some weight.

  1. It prevents eye-related disorders in old age

People who have aged experience a number of vision problems like cataracts and degeneration of the eye muscles. Bitter gourd however can help you prevent such problems as it is filled with vitamin A and beta carotene both of which can keep your eyesight clear. Moreover, it also displays an anti-oxidant effect which also helps to reduce the oxidative stress and damage to the eye due to old age.

Bitter gourd carries so many wonderful health benefits that it would be a shame to pass out on them. Luckily, you can circumvent that problem with karela extract which helps you experience its goodness without any of the bitter taste!

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