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Everybody knows how important fruits are to our diet. They are one of the best sources of nutrients and minerals that our body requires and to get them all in a natural and completely organic manner is a huge advantage. But we tend to gravitate towards certain fruits while ignoring the benefits that others can provide. Apples, oranges, melons are all very popular, but what about pomegranate? Not only is it as popular as the others, but it is also slightly more difficult to eat.

But pomegranates have a long and rich history behind them. From the ancient Egyptians who placed them in tombs to the Romans, pomegranates have been relished by different cultures for centuries. And the reason behind their sustained use is the nutrition they provide. And if you feel you don’t have the time to cut and eat a pomegranate, Organic Pomegranate Fruit Extracts are perfect for you. These provide the richness and nutritional wealth of the fruit without the hassle.

To further illustrate the importance of pomegranates, here is a list of its amazing health benefits:-

  1. It makes your heart healthy

Pomegranates find great use as guardians of your cardiovascular system due to their rich anti-oxidant content. These anti-oxidants keep bad cholesterol in check and ensure that harmful plaque doesn’t build up in your arteries. These build-ups can be incredibly dangerous as they greatly increase the risk of cardiac arrests and strokes.

In addition to lowering cholesterol, pomegranate can also help to make your blood thinner so as to prevent unnecessary and harmful blood clots. When such sporadic blood clots form, there is a great risk of a part of the body not receiving oxygen as a result of which the tissues may start to die. Pomegranates can prevent this from happening and keep your blood flowing through the body unhindered.

  1. It can keep cancer at bay

A growing concern these days is the rising cases of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. But pomegranate can help prevent both of these deadly and common cancers due to a class of compounds known as flavonoids that are present in it. Not only can flavonoids help your body to resist cancer by destroying harmful free radicals, but they can also help to kill existing cancer cells in the body.

  1. It can help to treat osteoarthritis

Due to old age, the bones, muscles and connective tissues in joints can get damaged and hardened leading to conditions such as osteoarthritis. But pomegranate can help in treating this hardness, thereby reducing the pain and discomfort that arises due to osteoarthritis. Also, certain enzymes in the body can actually promote the degradation of connective tissues; here also, pomegranate lends a helping hand by inhibiting the action of these enzymes.

  1. It improves digestion

We all know the importance of fiber in our diets. It provides us with necessary nutrients and also ensures that our food is digested well. At the same time, it also prevents indigestion and constipation. Pomegranates are incredibly rich source of fiber and can thus help in keeping the digestive system in the peak of health.

  1. It can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease

One of the deadliest diseases which have yet to be cured, Alzheimer’s disease usually afflicts people in old age due to the gradual degeneration of neural tissues. One of the most effective ways to keep this incurable disease at bay is to consume pomegranates. Pomegranates have demonstrably reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s as they lower amyloid deposition in the hippocampus by about 50%, thus getting rid of one of the main causes for Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. It is also a stress buster

Not only can pomegranate improve your body from the inside, it can also have an effect on how you present yourself to the world. By lowering the levels of cortisol, a well-known stress hormone, pomegranates can help you feel less stressed and feel much more happy and satisfied.

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