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Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is preferred mostly because of its unique flavor. After our transition to another state, my daughter started to have severe stomach irritation often, which in turn affected her appetite a lot and she started to lose weight and interest even in her favorite foods.

Ecolife Organic Mustard Oil 500ml

I tried several homemade remedies which seemed to be of some help, but it was not long-lasting. The problem still remained persistent. Then one day I read about the online grocery shopping. Since I have a great interest in cooking, I tried different cuisines, especially Italian. I stumbled upon Organic Mustard Oil during my search which turned out to be that one solution I was longing for, to put an end to my daughter’s struggles. I found out that the fault was in the store where I brought the mustard oil from.

Pure & Sure Organic Mustard Oil 1L

The organic version is pure enough not to cause any harm to our systems. My daughter felt better and the stomach irritations gradually disappeared and her appetite was also being improved. The digestion problems that we had previously also vanished as the organic mustard oil helped in easy digestion.

Amira Organic Mustard Oil 1L

Organic mustard oil is manufactured by the cold pressing process which retains the actual goodness of the mustard seeds. Organic mustard oil is an effective antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-rheumatic agent which is very effective as an appetizing agent that stimulates your appetite. It stimulates the digestive juices for a better digestion.

Nature 'N' Me Musturd Oil 1L

Tips to select Organic Mustard Oil:

Try not to buy the refined mustard oil that is available in the supermarket.

  • Buy Organic Mustard Oil in a certified organic store only.
  • Mustard oil could be adulterated with argemone oil which is toxic. That’s why it is always safe to buy from an organic store.
  • Check the color and aroma of the oil which must be with a golden tint and aromatic.
  • You will need only a very small amount of mustard oil for cooking. So it is enough if you buy it in small bottles which will last for a long time.
  • Check the seal and the date of expiry before using it.


About the author:

Deepthi  Ahuja is a homemaker whose family moved from Punjab to Chennai. She lives with her husband, daughter, and in-laws. She loves shopping at Joy by Nature from where she gets all her kitchen supplies. The above blog is her personal experience in helping her daughter and all members of the family overcome their stomach issues with an easy change in the cooking methods with Organic mustard oil.


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