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The Egyptians dedicated the chamomile herb to the sun so that fevers could be cured and to the moon for its cooling properties. The chamomile has been used in ancient times by Romans and Greeks to bring a sense of purpose in life, uplifting the moods and bringing clarity. The Daisy like flower of the chamomile plant continues to be used in present time in the form of essential oil and tea to sooth the mind and relive aches and pains and for restful sleep.

The essential oil is extracted from the flowers by steam distillation. Chamomile essential oil is available in two varieties depending upon from which variety it has been extracted. Roman chamomile essential oil is produced from the English chamomile while German chamomile essential oil is derived from the Hungarian chamomile. Both oils differ in their aroma, color and viscosity and can be told apart on examination. Even though both the oils have the same calming properties, German chamomile oil is more effective towards skin related problems while Roman chamomile is used to treat nervous disorders and menopausal and menstrual related issues.


The chamomile oil has a disinfectant, anti inflammatory and calming effect on the body and can be used topically and in Aromatherapy to treat various ailments.

  • A drop of oil when applied topically to the forehead or inhaled can promote a restful sleep and treat insomnia. For calming the senses breathe the vapors to which 2 drops of chamomile essential oil has been added. When feeling depressed add it to bath water or a drop to the pillow to uplift the senses.
  • In cases of bee stings apply a single drop directly or add with coconut oil, to the affected area for reducing inflammation and pain. For cuts and bruises add to bath water or apply as hot and cold compress to affected area. For rashes mix 3 to 4 drops of chamomile essential oil to coconut oil or any other carrier oil and massage on the affected are twice a day.
  • In case of allergies massage chamomile essential oil to the bottom of the feet and diffuse it around the house before and during the allergy seasons.
  • The Roman chamomile essential oil, due to its gentle nature is used for treating aches and pains in children and infants. Stomach pains, colic, toothaches, pain in the ear can be treated by using diluted oil or diffusing the aroma near the child.
  • It can be added to coconut oil and massaged to relieve muscles spasms, cramps and sooth nerve pains like sciatica. For menopausal symptoms a drop of oil can be massaged into feet daily or at the back of the neck. This helps calm the endocrine gland responsible for hormone imbalance.
  • For dysentery applying chamomile oil to the abdomen reduces pain and inflammation. Detoxify the liver by massaging gently over the liver.
  • For skin related problems like acne, eczema, dermatitis or boils, add a few drops of oil to regular body lotion or fractioned coconut oil and massage on effected area regularly.


Chamomile essential oil is not recommended to be taken orally. It should be taken so only under medical supervision. If one is allergic or skin irritations are common refrain from using the oil.


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