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English Breakfast tea, calm and soothing in its own way is the exotic tea, liked and preferred by millions around the world for its cultural significance. It is consumed regularly and never seems to lose its charm and popularity. The nutrients and Flavonoids contained in English breakfast tea contain significant health benefits which might be responsible for preventing a host of diseases including cancer.

English Breakfast tea that is organically prepared from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant is refreshing and can be enjoyed anytime during the day. The strong flavor and rich color of English Breakfast tea encapsulates Antioxidants similar to other tea types. The benefits that can be derived from the finest natural and organic blends of English Breakfast tea are ideal for the physical as well as psychological health of your body.



Slow Down Your Ageing Process Naturally       

English Breakfast tea contains Flavonoids which are antioxidants that can help retard the process of ageing. Since the action of Flavonoids is to reverse the degenerative effects of ageing on the entire human system, English Breakfast tea can effectively bring about marked changes including making the skin look younger, bones stronger and even help fight cancer cells through its antioxidant activity.

Increase Bone Density and Blood Volume with Natural Mineral Content

English Breakfast tea has a number of different constituents including magnesium and phosphorous, that promote bone health. In addition to these elements, the presence of Vitamin B is instrumental in the multiplication of red blood cells and promotion of heart health. Scientific studies have shown positive changes in cardiovascular health for people who consumed English Breakfast tea on a regular basis.

Prevent Occurrence of Cancer

In addition to the activity of antioxidants in cancer prevention, certain compounds present in English Breakfast tea also prevent cancer cell growth and help reverse the process of inflammation. In this way, the consumption of English Breakfast tea has a twofold effect on the prevention and control of cancer cell growth by collecting free radicals through its antioxidant effect and also through the action of the scientifically proven chemical compound, theaflavin-3'-monogallate, or TF-2.

Minimize Chances of developing Kidney Stones

Research evidence points out that drinking English Breakfast tea reduces the occurrence of kidney stones by up to eight percent. Although it is a well-known fact that drinking fluids in large quantities can prevent the occurrence of kidney stones, not all fluids are beneficial to kidneys and some might even prove harmful and increase the tendency to develop kidney stones on the contrary side. Drinking English Breakfast tea is proven to have a positive impact on kidneys preventing the formation of kidney stones directly proportional to the amount of tea that was consumed.

Promote Optimal Dental Health

The antioxidants and Fluoride content found in English Breakfast tea was found to create a lasting impact on dental health, preventing tooth decay and the occurrence of cavities in children and adults. Healthier teeth and gums were found in most scientific research studies where the subjects involved consumed one or two cups of English Breakfast tea on a daily basis.

Reverse the Effects of Heart Disease

English Breakfast tea is known to reduce plaque from arteries, resolving the devastating effects of constricted blood vessels, sub-optimal blood flow, cardiovascular disease and risk of eventual stroke. The gradual action of concentrated Flavonoids presents in English Breakfast tea have a lasting impact on heart health, not just promoting healthier blood vessels, but also optimal blood pressure.

It is important to obtain only organically prepared English Breakfast tea, that has been sealed to preserve the rich and exotic flavor, together with promising natural benefits for the heart, bones, teeth and gums, kidneys and blood. Natural organic processes that preserve the true character of English Breakfast tea are vital for achieving true health benefits from its holistic healing.

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