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While most people would love to indulge in a soothing cup of hot tea or coffee, the traditional caffeinated drinks come with their own set of side effects and at times, give adverse reactions from over consumption. This is generally attributed to their addictive nature, and therefore it might be a good idea to consume Black Tea instead, based on your physician recommendations.

The process of making Black Tea and Green Tea might look similar on the periphery, where the shrinking and dehydration, rolling and heating of leaves is done for both forms of tea. Black Tea however, in particular needs to have its leaves fermented even before the heating process takes place. Organic Black Tea extracted through Organic and Natural farming practices and subjected to industrial processes that are chemical free, is best for the body and brings about healing of the body, mind and soul through its soothing and aromatic action.


Black Tea is particularly well known for its ability to promote oral health, restricting the growth of bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath and plaque. By inhibiting the growth of microorganisms in the body, Black Tea can successfully prevent the formation of cavities which destroy minerals in the tooth in a very short period, as brief as 24 hours. Keeping the teeth healthy and mineralized is extremely essential for overall oral health and also to prevent damage done to the bone and the underlying nerves.  Polyphenols found in Black Tea are responsible for breaking down bacterial enzymes that are responsible for forming plaque in the mouth and also painful cavities. Consumption of Black Tea might prove beneficial for your teeth and gums, quite contrary to the effects of traditional tea or coffee.



Research work from eminent scientists has proven that the effect of Black Tea on the health of the heart is very beneficial. When compared to the effects of most caffeinated drinks, the heart is often subjected to unwanted stress and this might in turn create unprecedented trauma on the circulatory system, affecting blood flow and optimal absorption of oxygen by cells throughout the body. Research evidence points out that the effect of consuming Black Tea might be so profound that it could bring down chances of a heart attack and stroke by as much as 20%. The scientific study presented results based on consumption of one cup or less of Black Tea during the day, which is the optimal recommended quantity for maximum benefit.


Black Tea is an overall rejuvenator, in that it promotes a sound immune system, enabling the body to fight against common bacteria and viruses, keeping us protected from common cold, flu and other common ailments. The action of Black Tea in achieving these effects rests on the Alkyl amine antigens it possesses, which boost immune system function. The caffeine content in Black Tea is also optimal for energizing the body with just the right amount of head start it needs when in a tired mental and physical state. Optimal caffeine content in the Black Tea does not over stress the brain or the heart, yet brings about a marked change in the metabolic rate when it comes to respiration, cardiac function as well as kidney function. This enhances the functioning of the entire human system and achieves a sense of overall well-being.

Black Tea is in fact an overall healthy choice for regular tea drinkers, and gives them the opportunity to safely switch over to a healthier alternative that promises much more than an upshot of caffeine. Black Tea is a splendid choice as a morning or evening concoction, proving a range of healing benefits including lower sugar levels, low anxiety and stress levels, healthier bones and teeth and a healthy heart. Its immune boosting effects particularly help the body in its fight against a huge spectrum of harmful organisms that might otherwise invade and deteriorate the functioning of major critical organ systems.

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