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Our diet type and pattern are the key ingredients building up or ruining our health. While breakfast, lunch and dinner are three major meals of the day, snacks we pop in every two hours or so also contribute to deciding what our body will be like. For good energy levels we need calories and mid meal snacks play an important role here but ensuring intake of nourishing snacks is one responsibility you owe towards your own health.

Fitness conscious people are seen jogging, swimming, sweating in gym and trying all sorts of muscle and body building workout routines. In following blog, we will be discussing about some snacking foods which could aid in your fitness building mission. Regular exercising routine with effective diet changes like replacing regular savouries with healthy snacking options is a sure hit for bringing positive changes in your health without making you go empty stomach or feeling low on energy. Snacking is a health promoting eating habit as it keeps your metabolism up and helps you avoid over eating during actual meals. Switching to healthy snacks that are high in nutrition and energy but low in fats, carbohydrates or empty calories is thus a wise step. Let’s talk about some healthy snacks!


Chana or gram seeds can be had in roasted form and try it tastes good too. This natural snack is low on calories, sugar, fat and sodium but high on fibre. Overall, eating half cup will satiate your hunger without bringing affecting your calorie goal of the day much. High fibre content and rusty taste makes it good evening tea snack or could be added to weight loss breakfast menu as well. Select good quality roasted Chana and carry an air tight jar full of these crunchy snacks for your office desk.


All types of nuts including almonds, cashews, pistachios, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts and even peanuts make a healthy snack option especially for those following rigorous exercise routines. This is because of their high protein content and richness in good fats. Having a fistful of any of the above nuts or chewing on a snack bar made with mix of variety of nuts and berries is a great way to say bye to huger pranks and a tasty way to add required minerals, proteins and fats to your daily diet. Honey roasted nuts are tastier snacks and can be used to break monotony of regular taste.

Stick to top brands while selecting energy bars or breakfast bars, cookies, munchies, biscuits or crackers to ensure quality or just make such snacks at home with easy recipes from internet. Multigrain biscuits are gaining popularity as tea time healthy snacks.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds or most commonly known ‘falooda’ is great source of minerals like manganese, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous along with fibre, protein and omega 3 fatty acids; all of which contribute positively to boosting heathy body and mind. These tiny black seeds are packed with fibre but are too low on calories thus having them as whole (soaked in water), sprinkled on salads or porridge or even sugar free milk shakes is the best way to add nutrient to your diet.

Fruits and vegetables

When hunger takes on but your conscious pulls you back from having anything unhealthy; most comfortable and easy but healthy snack that comes to mind is a whole fruit or even vegetable sticks with black salt or honey. Opt for variety of coloured veggies like carrots, lettuce, Brussel sprouts, coloured bell peppers, radish, and cucumbers; add any fruit of choice from apples, oranges, avocado or any kind of berries to make a full bowl of healthy snack. A bowl daily can make you feel and look healthier and prettier in just few weeks’ time.


Popcorn can be considered healthy in a way because eating a bowl will add least amount of calories but loads of fibre to give you feeling of full stomach. Thus, this snack is good for weight watchers but those looking to add nutrients to their daily diet by means of healthy snacking options might want to skip this product. Yes, popcorns made without butter and had with full glass of avocado shake (with low fat milk) or a cup of green tea is for sure a health boosting snacking combination to be relished by all categories of people.

Snacks are a way to refill your energy tanks in between three basic meals. There are plenty of snack options which can be considered healthy but selection depends on whether you want to add nutrients to your diet or aim is to lose weight.

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