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Your hair defines your personality. It gives you an image. Beautiful hair is a matter of pride among many, especially among men who tend to lose hair early due to various reasons. Statistics says that male population loses their hair more quickly and easily as compared to women.A fair share of men experience hair loss by the time they are sixty. Yet all around us what we find are fellow men using products made to care for a woman’s hair.

It’s time that men became more particular about what they are using on their hair. Hair is a very sensitive thing once you start losing it, it does not take long to make it a worrisome issue.

Reasons for hair issues among men:

  • Physical stress. It is said physical stress in the long run leads to hair loss. Although this shedding usually abates, one should never take the risk.
  • Male baldness pattern.This type of hair loss is a result ofa combination of genes and hormonal changes.
  • Due to various surgeries and medical therapy like chemo, etc.
  • An obsessive and compulsive disorder among some men is their tendency to pluck or pull of the hair from the head or other parts of the body. This may lead to hair fall.
  • A recent study states that Cicatricial (scarring) alopecia destroys hair follicles,hence causing permanent hair loss. It occurs worldwide in otherwise healthy men of all ages.
  • Due to abnormalities by birth i.e. genetically a problems.
  • It is an underproduction of certain hormones and is the most common cause of patchy hair loss known as alopecia aerate.
  • Lack of protein is another cause for hair loss, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. You can take protein supplements or use shampoos that contain enriching serums to strengthen your hair.

  • Emotional stress is also one of the reasons for hair loss, although it’s less likely to lose hair due to emotional stress when compared to physical stress.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B.

Reasons why men should not use same shampoos as females:

  • Scientific studies have discovered that men’s scalp barrier is actually weaker than female’s, hence is more susceptible to protein loss, and as we have read earlier, a loss of protein causes severe hair loss. This means that it’s important for men to use anti-dandruff shampoos that not only treat and prevent the symptoms of dandruff in general, but that are specially formulated to deal with scalp’s specific needs of men.
  • A very major cause of men loosing hair these days is because of their frequent use of shampoos made specifically for women. Therefore men should show utmost care while choosing the right (non-female) shampoo.

  • According to a recent study by a renowned newspaper, it was seen that men of 21st century are going bald in their 20s. The reason behind could be a lot many including the fact that most men don’t know or care about the fact that there are shampoos made specifically for men to use.
  • The shampoo made for men are made keeping in my all the attributes and characteristic of a male scalp. The same goes for a female shampoo. Therefore when men use a girly shampoo they are not only risking a flowery, cherry smelling day, they might risk their hair along the way too. The chemical ratio and components are a lot different in a female shampoo than in a male one. Each as per their own requirements and requirements of men vastly differ from that of a female.

Your hair can define the way look. No other part of your body can have such an influence on your looks. Therefore it’s time that you start looking out for it. Treat it with the care it deserve and love it because in the long run, it is going to love you back. Use shampoo for men to take proper care of your hair.


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